Welcome! We are thrilled to know that you are committed to developing intercultural competence, and delighted to be with you on the journey to build respect, understanding, collaboration, and justice!

Intercultural competence has been shown to increase organizational success and strengthen economies. Research confirms that employers want to hire people with intercultural abilities, and studies demonstrate that effective cross-cultural skills are needed to ensure sustainability and justice.

Communication and teamwork are processes, yet Cultural Detective is the only publicly available intercultural tool that is process-based, developmental, and grounded in intercultural communication theory. Users easily learn the Cultural Detective Method and enhance their intercultural competence with better culture-general and culture-specific communication skills.

Whether you are an individual committed to improving your intercultural competence, part of a virtual team trying to work more effectively together, an organizational leader looking for developmental skill-building, or someone trying to better understand a family member, you will find Cultural Detective is a simple, yet powerful and transformative tool. If you are serious about developing the abilities of your organization, your community, or yourself—get a clue and check us out.

Give us a call. We look forward to hearing about the good work you’re doing and how Cultural Detective might facilitate your efforts!

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