Organizational Psychologist and Trainer, Clinical Psychology, Educational and Training Research

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Stanislava is an internal consultant, managing the Training and Internal Communications department at Cosmo Bulgaria Mobile, a Greek-owned, GSM Operator in Bulgaria.

In 1996, she joined the team of Peace Corps Bulgaria, where she worked as a language and culture instructor, and later, as Cross Cultural Training Program Coordinator. Under her leadership, a three-month Cultural Adjustment Training Program was created and successfully delivered to hundreds of US Peace Corps volunteers. Combining the rich US Peace Corps' know-how in intercultural issues, with her experience in Bulgarian culture specifics, values, beliefs and common behaviors, and her knowledge about Bulgarian political history, folklore, art and business development, she developed training materials which have been used during pre-service training in the Peace Corps since 1998.

While attaining her MA degree in Training and Educational Research at the VUB, Brussels, Stanislava studied the Bulgarian immigrant population in Belgium and their individual and group culture adjustment patterns. After her return to Bulgaria in 2001, she worked as a senior human resource consultant and trainer in an English-Bulgarian consulting company, a representative of Hay Group. She trained middle and top management entering the Bulgarian market in intercultural issues. She has extensive experience as a cultural coach, working with commissioners of the EU Commission in Sofia, and to high-level employees of the World Bank.

Currently, Stanislava has been working as a cross-cultural consultant and trainer on private projects with colleagues from Germany, The Netherlands and UK. She is preparing for her Ph.D. project in the field of knowledge management and intercultural communication at the University of Regensburg, Germany.

Co-author of Cultural Detective Bulgaria

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