1947 - 02 May 2012

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Born in Medellín and trained as an industrial engineer, Ricardo possessed a wealth of career experience spanning the fields of international business, diplomacy, academia, and politics.

Ricardo served as his country's Ambassador to Russia and in Colombia's national Congress. He founded about ten businesses (in such diverse sectors as mining, agriculture, hospitality, energy, metallurgy, finance, and education); held top management positions (in the financial industry, with the coffee guild, and in the harbor sector); served on the board of directors for 20 Colombian companies (including those in insurance, finance, government, energy, education, and workers unions); was a full-time professor at the EAFIT University in Medellín; and taught at both the Technological University Pereira (Risaralda) and the Sergio Arboleda University in Bogotá. Ricardo enjoyed sharing his knowledge by building intercultural material for use in both virtual and in-person course delivery.

Ricardo took post-graduate courses in banking and investment with the World Bank; in senior management with INALDE, the management and business school of Universidad de la Sabana; and holds a degree in the internationalization of businesses from Universidad CEU San Pablo in Madrid, Spain. His published works include Crónica histórica de un imperio: Auge y caída de la URSS (Historic Chronicle of an Empire: Boom and Fall of the USSR), 1994, and Interculturalidad y negociación (Interculturalism and Negotiation), 2008.

Co-author of Cultural Detective Colombia