Senior Intercultural Consultant, Argentina

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Marcelo Priotti is an experienced intercultural trainer and consultant with a passion for helping teams, groups, and individuals develop the competencies needed to conduct business successfully across cultures. He develops and presents training programs in areas including personal and team effectiveness, global leadership, working in virtual teams, diversity and inclusion, and helping expatriates and their families thrive through their relocation phases around the globe.

Since 1997, Marcelo has delivered corporate training programs in Portuguese, Spanish, and English for several Fortune 100 firms in Africa, and North and South America, and virtual training for diverse audiences from China, India, Indonesia, Egypt, Russia, and several European countries. In association with consulting organizations, Marcelo has been pleased to serve companies like ExxonMobil, HSBC, John Deere, Novartis, Oracle, Caterpillar, Dell, E&Y, Verizon, WalMart, Cargill, Delphi, Kinross Gold, Coca Cola, SAP, and Unilever, amongst others.

Marcelo had his first cross-cultural experience as an AFS exchange student in Minnesota, and later in Germany and Austria, which led to his being a founding member of the re-establishment of AFS in Rosario, Argentina. Marcelo┬┤s educational background includes Information Systems Analysis at UTN University and a degree in Communication and Journalism from UCU University in Rosario, Argentina. He is a licensed mass media broadcaster (ComFeR, Buenos Aires) and has participated in TV & radio productions such as news shows and commercials. Marcelo is a native of Rosario, Argentina.

Co-author of Cultural Detective Argentina

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