doublehelixIs it time for your team to upgrade from intercultural awareness to intercultural competence?

Are you looking for a repeatable process, proven to work across cultural contexts, bringing professional focus to intercultural practice?

The Essential Practice for Intercultural Competence (EPIC) cultivates true intercultural competence going beyond creating intercultural awareness. Based upon decades of work, EPIC distills intercultural competence theory to its essence and brings it to you in a holistic and easy-to-learn method that offers lasting results.

The Essence of Intercultural Competence

Interculturally competent people do two key things:

  • Manage their internal states well, in the face of the unfamiliar.
  • Manage their external actions appropriately, in response to the unfamiliar. EPIC helps people do both.

Proven Method, Lasting Results

Seamlessly integrating two acclaimed and complementary intercultural training methods, Cultural Detective®and Personal Leadership: Making a World of Difference®, EPIC builds learners’ competence by leading them through a supportive roadmap to deep, swift, and lasting intercultural competence. Because it is inherently developmental in its approach, EPIC serves learners at any level. This is a clear framework for simultaneously developing self awareness, cultural literacy, creative bridge-building and the insight of right action. It can be revelatory for learners and organizations alike.

Everything Learners Really Need

Why does EPIC work?

EPIC is a method for analyzing cultural encounters and understanding the dynamics at play. It teaches learners to refine their moment-to-moment awareness. EPIC provides potent culture-specific information in the form of cultural Values Lenses that offer insight into alternate courses of action in unfamiliar circumstances.

Through targeted questioning, EPIC supports learners in leveraging their emotional and logical responses to their situation for the clarity, courage and confidence to take action.

And because EPIC is an infinitely repeatable process, the learner can easily internalize the skill and cultivate speed in discovering and taking optimal action.

Works for All Learners

EPIC works for learners at all levels.

EPIC specifically supports beginners in discovering that in human dynamics it is not actions that cause reactions, but the interpretation of actions that cause reactions.

EPIC specifically supports intermediate learners in understanding the anatomy and physiology of values and actions – deconstructing theirs and those of others.

For advanced learners, EPIC is particularly helpful in unleashing the imagining of bridges across difference and discerning right action in realizing those bridges.

The EPIC Professional Toolkit:

The EPIC Professional Toolkit consists of two offerings:

  • EPIC Facilitator Guide (includes coaching and support, see details below)
  • EPIC Participant Handouts

EPIC Facilitator Guide

The EPIC Toolkit is intended for professionals. It presupposes skill in designing and facilitating learning experiences no matter what the application: training, coaching, mentoring, counseling, teaching, or some other learning intervention. The basics of EPIC can be taught virtually or face-to-face in as little as 90 minutes. EPIC can be applied within a longer program to core content on any topic, for example, leadership, conflict resolution, or international transitions. It has a proven record of effectiveness across diverse cultural and multicultural environments. EPIC is suitable for adults as well as adolescents.

What’s Included

With your first-time purchase of a license to the EPIC Professional Toolkit, you receive:

  1. The EPIC Facilitator Guide, which explains the overall method, application considerations, and how to use the Participant Handouts.
  2. Three hours of coaching and support, for use within the first six months after purchase of the Toolkit and upon your request.
  3. The right to license EPIC Participant Handouts.


Initial purchase of an EPIC license is $575.

Your EPIC license is renewable annually for $125.

It is not transferable.

EPIC Participant Handouts

The EPIC Participant Handouts contain all the necessary materials for using EPIC. The EPIC Participant Handouts are available to those currently licensed to use EPIC.

What’s Included

  1. The Cultural Detective Model
  2. The Personal Leadership Model
  3. What is Culture? Why is it so Important?
  4. Spheres of Intercultural Competence
  5. The Six Ps of a Powerful Vision
  6. The EPIC Flow
  7. The EPIC Map
  8. Listing of Additional Resources


Purchase price is $15 per participant for those currently licensed to use EPIC.

Get a clue! Get started with EPIC today!