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September 2006 Clues to Intercultural Effectiveness
Tips, Techniques and Resources
First Non-Nationality Versions
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As interculturalists we talk about cultural groupings beyond nationality, including gender, age, spiritual tradition, socio-economic background, sexual orientation, and profession.

When the first glimmers of the Cultural Detective series were in our eyes, we envisioned debuting with three nationality and two non-nationality cultures. Our vision was that we would develop Values Lenses and Critical Incidents that, when overlayed one on the other, could help us better understand ourselves and others as unique individuals influenced by multiple cultures.

However, when it came down to actually defining central tendencies of various cultures, we discovered that we had a socially acceptable comfort with the traditional "nationality" category (no matter how large, diverse, or externally-imposed the particular nation-state definition), and that we had significant disagreement about, even an "allergy" toward, attempts to explain the norms of non-nationality cultures.

I am thrilled to be able to announce that thirty nationalities later, our very first non-national Cultural Detective has debuted, with several more to follow quickly.

Facilitator Certification
  Chicago Illinois in November Model

Facilitator training will be offered November 10-11 in Chicago. Gain fluency with the Cultural Detective Method, learning how to best use it for culture-specific learning, with multicultural or virtual teams, in coaching, for personal development, and as a consulting and planning tool to achieve global and local effectiveness. In addition, learn strategies for effectively enhancing intercultural competence in your organization.

Course participation is limited, so please register early. Contact Kris Bibler for more information.

Congratulations to Sietar India!
  Conference in Bangalore

Heartfelt congratulations to Sietar India (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research). It has quickly grown to an active presence in six cities and in August held its first incredibly successful conference in Bangalore.

Many thanks to several Cultural Detectives who played key roles, including Heather Robinson, George Simons, Eleonore Breukel, and Pankaj Mahidhar.

What's Your Impact on the World?
  Ecological Footprint

We all share this planet, and we know that some of us use much more of our shared resources than others. Have you ever wondered just how much?

The Earth Day Network has put together 15 questions to help you estimate how much productive land and water you use in your daily life (both with what you consume and with what you discard). It's pretty scary stuff, and raises some difficult intercultural questions.....

Religions for Peace
  Women's Assembly Declaration

On August 24-25, 2006, 400 women leaders from ten faith traditions and 65 countries met in Kyoto, Japan for an assembly entitled Women of Faith: Action to Confront Violence and Advance Shared Security.

The Religions for Peace Women's Assembly forged partnerships among religious communities and representatives of inter- governmental organizations and civil society, and drafted and passed the Women's Assembly Declaration.

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