May-June 2013
Clues to Intercultural Effectiveness
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endcapHarness the Innovation and Power of Diversity!

Six Powerful Ways to Build Cross-cultural Effectiveness


We have some very exciting news for you! Cultural Detective has teamed up with several of our partners to offer you SIX innovative ways to harness the innovation and power of diversity!


Yes, six upcoming events, several of which are free of charge.


Please take the time to sign up now to secure your seats, as these events will sell out quickly.  


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endcapThe Best-Kept Secret of Successful Teams




Almost every team and community today is diverse in some way or another: gender, age, spirituality, professional training, ethnicity, nationality... While we respect other styles and cultures, most of us still get stuck at some point where we say, "OK, we're different; now how do we work (or live) side by side? How do we harness our differences as creative assets? At a minimum, how do we simply keep from driving each other crazy?"


We might work with partners who view time as flexible and events as unfolding. This may mean that, to them, deadlines are mutable and subject to change. Meanwhile, we push ourselves and our bodies, working overtime to make sure we honor our commitment to an agreed-upon deadline. While we may respect our colleagues' view of time management on a theoretical basis, and perhaps envy them their apparently healthy work life balance, how do we succeed with partners who don't seem to respect their commitments to deadlines?



Which "Direction" Will Lead Us Nearer Our Goal?




I have long been a fan of Jackie Wasilewski's. She is one of the brightest shining stars in our intercultural field, plus an all around terrific human being and friend.


Way back when Jackie conducted her Ph.D. research, she analyzed the personal histories of 192 multicultural people. That approach-learning from the inside-out rather than the outside-in, is also the Cultural Detective approach.


One of the outcomes of her research was the graphic shown here, a "GPS" outlining paths to multiculturalism.... 


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endcapA Business School Dean Speaks Out

Cultural Detective in the University


We are very proud to say that Cultural Detective has been an essential ingredient of the International Business Management Program in the ESPEME-EDHEC Business School in France over the past six years.


Dr. George Simons and colleagues have designed and delivered leading-edge courseware in fully simulated environments, spiraling around a Cultural Detective backbone. The results they have achieved have been remarkable.


 Read the dean's letter

endcap2 Herramientas en Español para una Mejor Comunicación 

Resumen de las principales diferencias culturales


En mayo de 2012 escribí un blog acerca de cuando trato con las dimensiones de cultura, frecuentemente las utilizo en forma de mapa, para ayudar a la gente a encontrar los factores que pueden estar en el camino de una mejor comunicación. He encontrado que esta es una excelente manera de trabajar las dimensiones.


Este mes he tenido la alegría y el privilegio de trabajar con Fernando Castro de AFS Argentina y Uruguay. Él generosamente tomó este mapa de las diferencias y lo tradujo al español para nosotros.  


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endcapEficiencia, Fuerte Identidad de Marca, y Mejor Reputación

El valor de las habilidades interculturales en el trabajo


Video sobre los resultados de un estudio realizado por The British Council, Booz Allen Hamilton e IPSOS Relaciones Públicas, basados en los aportes de un grupo de Gerentes de Recursos Humanos de 367 grandes empleadores en 9 países: Brasil, China, India, Indonesia, Jordania, SudAfrica, Emiratos Árabes Unidos, el Reino Unido y los Estados Unidos. "Los empleadores reconocen la importancia de las habilidades interculturales en el lugar de trabajo."


Ver video

endcapCapture Cross-cultural in a New and Creative Way!! 

Share With Us Your 6 Second Videos on Crossing Cultures!


I used to really dislike Twitter: one more social media, and such short messages! We don't need more information overload in our world, bothering us everywhere we go!


Then I reframed Twitter in my mind. I realized that those tweets (140 characters maximum) are like haiku! Their brevity encourages us to capture the core essence, the deep meaning, in a new and creative way! In that sense, Tweets are perfect for Cultural Detectives or anyone who bridges cultures, whether within the family, neighborhood, or internationally. Now I quite enjoy the medium.


 Learn about the video project 

endcapAdvertisements for Culture-specific Learning
 by Joe Lurie

Catalysts For Intercultural Conversations and Insights



Recently, I taught a course attended by Chinese and French students on the intercultural challenges of marketing across cultures. Midway through the course I asked students to select a print, web or YouTube ad describing how the following items reflected cultural preoccupations, values and behaviors in their cultures:

  • the product being promoted
  • the selections of words in the headers
  • the images and colors being used to reinforce the message


    Watch the ads 

endcapWorking Out and Intercultural Competence

A Living Example of the Funk Model of Personal Development 


You know that PRACTICE of intercultural competence, ongoing, sustained practice, has been a theme of this blog. I have likened intercultural competence to physical fitness, to maintaining a workout practice, to symphonic and jazz music, and also to spiritual practice. The theme is ongoing, structured use and honing of skill.


Tribute to Kevin Booker: reprint of his blog post.


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endcapCultural Detective, Ambassador of this Global Campaign




In 2001, UNESCO adopted the  Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity and in December 2002, the UN General Assembly, in its resolution  57/249, declared May 21 to be the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. The day provides us with an opportunity to deepen our understanding of the values of cultural diversity and to learn to live together better. In 2011, a grassroots campaign 'Do One Thing For Diversity and Inclusion', celebrating the annual World Day for Cultural Diversity was launched by UNESCO and the UN Alliance of Civilizations. 


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