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Growing, Stretching and Challenging Ourselves


I've behaved badly. It's true, and I'm admitting it. Very publicly.


There was the time a police officer in Japan told me to move, and I stood my ground, passive-aggressively, staring him down, daring him to remove me. There was the time at my son's school here in Mexico...


Please do not misunderstand me; I am most definitely not advocating behaving badly! The nasty truth is that inappropriate behavior, due at least in part to culture shock, is a fact of expat life that is all too often brushed under the rug. We refuse to talk about it. We may pretend it doesn't happen, that it only happens to others, or we try to forget it did happen. We blame it on lack of competence. 


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Cultural Effective Story

 So Proud of Our Customer!


Microsoft India has been a Cultural Detective customer for six years, and we are so very proud of the abilities their staff members have developed to in turn coach and develop their support engineers' customer service skills. The entire project has been amazing; truly a privilege to be a part of it! 


I'd like to take this opportunity to share a bit of their "Cultural Effective" story with you. 


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World-Class Intercultural Development Opportunities

Facilitator Certification Workshops


Are you ready for some meaningful and useful professional development? Something that stimulates your brain and gives you new ideas that you can immediately adapt to your training, coaching, or teaching? Learn a proven method to transform your leadership, your curriculum, or your ways of teaming! Jumpstart productivity, lower costs, or help develop intercultural competence as part of your study abroad students' skill set! Even highly experienced facilitators benefit from joining one of our CD Facilitator Certification Workshops.

Vienna, AUSTRIA, October 9-11, 2014 


Conducted in partnership with Atieh International, this course will focus on the Middle East and contain one extra half-day of area-specific content not normally included in our certification workshops. 

Facilitated by Dianne Hofner Saphiere and Pari Namazie. Cost includes materials and one month of Cultural Detective Online


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Lille, FRANCE, October 29, 2014 


"Creating, Adapting, and Using Intercultural Training Activities" is a one-day pre-conference workshop of SIETAR France. Participants will experience and learn the creative processes behind both the Cultural Detective® training tools and diversophy® games. These two training activities deal with a wide variety of countries, cultures, and intercultural themes, and provide an unequalled resource for customizing your training to a wide range of different target groups and needs. Explore best practices for their use with online or face-to-face intercultural learning in both organizational and academic contexts. Participants will have the option to explore these tools in both French and English versions.

Facilitated by George Simons and Catherine Roignan.  


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Evoking Childhood Through Food Memories 

by Carrie


Perhaps you're familiar with the famous madeleine of Marcel Proust's A La Recherche Du Temps Perdu (Remembrance of Things Past, or In Search of Lost Time, depending on the translation). The author takes a bite of a madeleine, a simple cookie, and the taste-memory drifts him off on a long reverie of his childhood, connecting him to the people and moments of long ago.



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Online Events You Can't Miss!



Sign up, but you don't have to dress up, to join us for a free webinar!


People from every continent and every time zone join us for these informative webinars, and are glad they did. We only have five more scheduled before the end of the year. Don't miss out; space is limited!


Our complimentary, 90-minute online workshops feature Dianne, creator of the series, introducing the Cultural Detective Method as a way to help participants learn to appreciate and leverage diversity as an asset, rather than seeking to minimize difference. 


Webinar participants will have the opportunity to see and experience some of the wealth of content and process available with the Cultural Detective Online tool, and understand how easily the system can be incorporated into existing courseware. 


At the conclusion of this online learning event, participants will receive a three-day trial pass to the Cultural Detective Online. This allows you to take some time after the webinar to look around and learn more about the tool at your leisure.

 A Platinum-Selling Hero in South Africa

 Film Review: Searching for Sugarman


Another really good movie, too, this one an Academy-award-winning documentary. If you love an amazing story that serendipitously weaves together continents, champions the underdog, and echoes the resonance of truth across cultures, Searching for Sugar Man is for you!


Sixto Rodriguez is the working-class son of Mexican immigrants to the USA. As an anti-establishment folk singer he published two albums in the 1970s about the marginalized poor of the inner city. The music is powerful and haunting, but his albums met with minimal success in the US, and Rodriguez was dropped from his record label. 


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Great Culture-Crossers I Have Known (or wish I had!)

by Carrie



What do oil tycoons, American Indians, and bank robbers have in common? I had a chance to find out recently, when I visited the Woolaroc Museum in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, USA. The name "Woolaroc" is composed of the words "woods," "lakes," and "rocks." The museum and surrounding natural park, located in the beautiful hills in the northernmost vestiges of the Ozark Mountains, was a gift to the people from Frank Phillips, the founder of Phillips Petroleum (Phillips 66). The museum is full of extraordinary Indian art and artifacts, as well as cowboy and frontier art and artifacts. 


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TCK Identity By a High Schooler



Sometimes our youth capture the depth and beauty, and reality, of experience more effectively than more mature adults. Personally, I loved this TCK/Blended Culture poem.   

Adelaide is a sophomore in high school. She's in grade 10. The Language Arts teacher wanted them to write a poem introducing themselves to her and to the class. It was a simple assignment. Five short stanzas. Two lines each. Begin each stanza with, "I'm from...".

Apparently the teacher's included lines like, "I'm from the yellow kitchen, blue popsicles and red posies. I'm from the white house, the fenced yard, the barking beagle".


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Are you Interested in the Migrant Experience? 



Do you know that Germany has become the world's second largest destination for migrants, according to the OECD? Are you interested in the migrant experience? Multicultural identity? Do you work with people in transition? Are you particularly concerned with the challenges surrounding the changing demographics in Europe?  Have you considered what a future might look like if we weren't quite so limited by nation-state thinking?


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