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Help Us Celebrate! 10, 25 and 35 Years!



Korn Ferry's Andrés Tapia congratulates Cultural Detective
Korn Ferry's Andrés Tapia
 congratulates Cultural Detective

2014 is Cultural Detective's 10th anniversary year, Nipporica Associates' 25th, and Dianne Hofner Saphiere's 35th anniversary working in the intercultural field!

Customers, colleagues, authors, certified facilitators and community members have been generously sharing their greetings, as well as telling us how important Cultural Detective is to what they do.


Authors will gather in late February in Mazatlán, México, to reflect on the project's first ten years and vision it's future impact, while others are planning celebrations worldwide throughout this anniversary year.


John C. Condon, one of the founders of the intercultural field, congratulates Cultural Detective
John C. Condon, one of the founders of the intercultural field, congratulates Cultural Detective
Customers and colleagues are using the Cultural Detective toolset in very cool ways in business, management consulting, higher education, study abroad, government, NGOs, professional associations, spiritual communities, and even park and recreation programs. 

Want to feel good about the work YOU are doing to build cross-cultural respect, understanding, collaboration and justice? Take a look at these videos!

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Join 400 of the World's Leading Change Agents

Cultural Detective Facilitator Certification Workshops

Learn this proven method to transform your curriculum and your ways of teaming, jumpstart productivity, lower costs, and ensure that study abroad develops students' intercultural competence!

* "It is difficult to exaggerate how fundamentally important Cultural Detective has become for us. The difference between courses we conduct with and without CD is astounding."

- Chief Academic Officer


* "We have achieved, for the first time in my five years working on the Learning and Development team, a 100% satisfaction rating from our learners. Thank you, Cultural Detective!"

- Chief Learning and Development Officer


* "Our customer satisfaction rates have increased 30% thanks to Cultural Detective."

- Customer Support Manager



Facilitated by Tatyana Fertelmeyster and Rita Wuebbeler. The workshop will be held on the campus of Kennesaw State University. Cost includes materials and one month of Cultural Detective Online 


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Conducted in partnership with Queens University International Centre, as part of the International Educators' Training Program (IETP). Facilitated by Tatyana Fertelmeyster. Cost includes materials and one month of Cultural Detective Online., plus IETP programs and meals as described on their site.


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Conducted in partnership with the Intercultural Communication Institute and held between sessions at the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication (SIIC) . Facilitated by Tatyana Fertelmeyster. Cost includes materials and one month of Cultural Detective Online 


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Help Us Celebrate a Multicultural Valentine's!


Help us build appreciation for international, cross-cultural, multicultural, inter-racial, inter-denominational, same gender, different gender-all kinds of loving relationships the world over!


Send us a brief story of how you fell in love, or what your cross-cultural relationship means to you, the challenges you've faced, the strength you've built, and we'll publish it in a Valentine's Day blog post. 


Your photos are also welcome! Hurry!


 Mail to:   Love@CulturalDetective.com 

From the Rainforest to the Big Apple 


Nilson Tuwe Huni Kui carries the responsibility to let the world know about his people's culture, gifts and problems.


The 29-year-old left his village in the Amazon rainforest-population 600 people and five days by boat to the nearest town-to learn and teach in New York City.


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Proverbs and Sayings Teach Us So Much

You Are Welcome to Use These and Pass Them On 


"The responsibility that belongs to everyone belongs to no one."

-Canadian proverb 


"One who doesn't know where he came from doesn't know where he's going." 

-Latino/Hispanic proverb


"Eye to see, hand to touch."

-Bulgarian proverb


Maxims and proverbs can tell us so much about the core values of a culture. We regularly create for you sharable images with international proverbs and intercultural sayings. You are most welcome to use these in your work, and share them with your social networks. 


Together we can build respect, understanding, collaboration, justice and sustainability! 


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Seminar in Leading Edge Intercultural Thinking and Tools



The European Institute for Intercultural Communication (EIFIC) invites trainers, coaches, teachers and consultants for a 3 day intensive theory and practice seminar in leading edge intercultural thinking and
tools centered on the methodology of Cultural Detective and diversophy.
During this seminar you will receive an update on current best thinking about the dynamics of culture, how culture and identity are created and transmitted, learned and managed. You will acquire a hands-on knowledge of how to create effective interventions and trainings employing Cultural Detective online tools an diversophy games. Three days of intercultural learning with other professionals will help you gain the ability to implement these tools in your daily work to make international and intercultural relations a sustainable success. 


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"This is Your Life, Mom!"


A Conference Call in Real Life
Created by Tripp and Tyler
Produced by Green Tricycle Studios 
This comical, yet all-too-realistic, video of a teleconference call taking place face-to-face has been making the rounds of social media lately. If you have not yet seen it, please take a few minutes to do so.

Working across time zones and cultures requires so many abilities, on so many levels, and some of them have absolutely nothing to do with culture. This reminds us that patience, is indeed, next to godliness, and that technology isn't always such a blessing.

Did You Know We Offer Twice Monthly Online Events?


"The best webinar I've ever attended!"
"I can't believe I can use 60+ packages in my training for less than US$100/year! That's amazing!"
These complimentary webinars demonstrate the basic Cultural Detective Method for bridging cultures. Rather than minimize difference you will learn to leverage similarities and diversity as assets. You will experience some of the wealth of content and process available in the Cultural Detective Online system, and see how easily the system can be incorporated into or supplement existing courseware. 
At the conclusion of the online learning event, we will share with you a three-day free pass to the Cultural Detective Online, to look around and learn at your leisure. Our next two events are:
Tuesday, March 11, 2014 (Convenient timing for Asia and the Pacific)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 (Convenient timing for the Americas, Europe and Africa)

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