How to Subscribe to Cultural Detective Online

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A subscription to Cultural Detective Online is the most robust and affordable way to access the Method and materials. It provides access to all content integrated into the system for one low price. All content that the user uploads is printable and downloadable; Cultural Detective content is not. That is how we can keep subscription prices so affordable.

You may purchase a subscription to Cultural Detective Online by navigating here, choosing the type of subscription you want (individual or group), the duration of your subscription, and filling in the remaining fields. Subscription prices decrease with volume. For a group of more than 99 people, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Subscription Pricing

We currently have a promotion with all subscriptions priced at US$39 per user. These subscriptions do not have a fixed length, but instead run from the date of purchase through the end of 2021. As this price is so low, we are unable to offer any volume pricing for large groups.


Subscriptions to Cultural Detective Online start as low as US$40 per user. Subscription prices decrease with volume. For example, an individual can subscribe for six months for $120, or 1000 users can subscribe for six months for $45 per user. Academic institutions can subscribe students for a full term for the price of a one-month subscription. We will need a spreadsheet of user names and email addresses, and the dates of your term start and end, to set this up for you.

What is a Group Subscription and is it right for me?

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A group subscription provides many features that can be very helpful to a team, a class, or similar group of people. When subscribed as a group, users within the group are able to:

  • Share the Critical Incidents they upload with the group (or keep their incidents private)
  • Collaborate with other group members on Critical Incidents and debriefs
  • Choose to share their Personal Values Lens (created in Self Discovery) with the group

Each group has a designated Group Administrator—perhaps the team lead, the professor, or the HR professional. The Group Administrator:

  • Invites users to join the group after uploading member information to CD Online via the website or an Excel spreadsheet
  • Removes group members and integrates replacement members
  • Approves, rejects, or requests edits to shared Critical Incidents uploaded by group members.
  • Controls whether or not group users have access to author ideas in Critical Incidents

Group subscriptions are best used as part of a structured learning environment. They allow collaborative learning and encourage the ongoing practice that intercultural competence development requires.

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