Due to the pandemic, in-person certifications are on hold. We are working on providing an online certification; please bear with us.
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Use of Cultural Detective does not require certification — the Cultural Detective Method and materials were designed with the idea that they could be used by interested non-specialists.

However, the Cultural Detective Series is so robust that users often ask for in-depth workshops to learn more about the many applications and strengths of this approach, and to network with peers using the Cultural Detective Method.

Cultural Detective Facilitator Certification Workshops are designed for small groups who share two-and-a-half days of intense, guided interaction; current schedule of workshops is below. We explore what “intercultural communication competence” means, and offer ways to use Cultural Detective to enhance intercultural effectiveness in your organization or community.

Certification Workshops are a wonderful way for the advanced practitioner to reflect on the things that matter, and develop the ability to combine and integrate various theories, approaches, and tools in the field. We explore the impact of multiple cultures on each of us, the idea of layering Value Lenses to visually represent these influences, and a variety of ways to incorporate Cultural Detective into your training, teaching and coaching.

Workshop attendees receive:

  • Cultural Detective Facilitator Certification Manual
  • Cultural Detective Series Guide
  • Personal-use copies of the full Cultural Detective package used in the workshop (both the facilitator and participant materials)
  • A one-month subscription to Cultural Detective Online
  • Certificate of attendance
  • The opportunity to be listed as a Certified Facilitator on our website

Certification workshops help you fully utilize the materials you license, and enhance your “tool chest” with ideas to better develop intercultural competence in others.

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These incredible workshops will enable you to make full use of your Cultural Detective materials and methods to:

  • Enhance intercultural effectiveness and productivity in your organization or community.
  • Excellent introduction to intercultural communication competence.
  • A wonderful way for the advanced practitioner to reflect on the things that matter, and develop the ability to combine the various theories, approaches and tools in the field.

NOTE: We recommend that you book now to reserve your workshop place, but do not reserve non-refundable airfare until minimum attendance is confirmed. Registrants will be contacted directly, and final decisions will coincide with expiry of early-bird fees. If class is cancelled a full refund of your payment will be made.

Click here for more information on Certification Workshops.

    Course venues have included:
  • Adelaide, AUSTRALIA
  • Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
  • Berkeley, USA
  • Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
  • Cannes, FRANCE
  • Chennai, INDIA
  • Chicago, USA
  • Dublin, IRELAND
  • Granada, SPAIN
  • Houston, USA
  • Istanbul, TURKEY
  • Krakow, POLAND
  • Leuven, BELGIUM
  • Mandelieu la Napoule, FRANCE
  • Mazatlán, MEXICO
  • Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
  • Minneapolis, USA
  • New York City, USA
  • Paris, FRANCE
  • Portland, OR USA
  • Pune, INDIA
  • San Diego, USA
  • Sydney, AUSTRALIA
  • Tulsa, USA
  • Vienna, AUSTRIA

For more information on our services email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., telephone +1-913-901-0243.

In addition to the services provided, our Cultural Detective Team and certified facilitators are ready and able to provide:

  • Consulting
    Strategy, workshop or event design and development, teambuilding, event facilitation, keynote presentations
  • Training
    Workshop facilitation, training of trainers or facilitators
  • Coaching
    In person or by telephone, using Cultural Detective materials as well as most leading-edge intercultural development tools including but not limited to the IDI: Intercultural Development Inventory.

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