• Improve global management skills and multicultural team competence with six activities that use maps and mapping to help people discover their own mental maps--their ways of seeing and being in the world.
  • Take an online "World Map Detective" quiz to gauge your understanding of how maps inform – and misinform – how we see the world around us.
  • Then, read this article explaining how maps are created for specific purposes, and like any tool often distort other purposes.
  • Free offer: get a Population Map, an Africa-centered Peters map, and a Mecca-centered Azimuthal projection.

  • How do you help people understand and utilize cultural differences, when so many of us are multicultural, global nomads? Three steps to effective intercultural training.
  • Questions to ensure an indigenous approach to management education. How do we get beyond western practice into meaningful local and regional management education?
  • Do you prefer gay over straight, black over white, fat over thin? Take this Implicit Association Test and find out.

  • What makes an effective intercultural learning tool? This checklist assesses both Accelerated Learning and Intercultural criteria.
  • Four powerful experiential activities to improve multicultural team performance.
  • Do it right the first time, without repeating others' mistakes: access hundreds of typical cross-cultural miscommunications and management mis-steps, sorted by culture, industry, professional function, and key word.
  • How we communicate – our style of communication – is a very efficient window into our deeper assumptions and values, a window into ourselves and others. Learn more in Communication Highwire: Leveraging the Power of Diverse Communication Styles.

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