Cultural Detective® Values Lenses are magnifying glasses symbolizing the way members of a culture tend to look at the world. Values Lenses contain the top five to seven core values of a given culture, those values that most influence behavior of members of that culture, and particularly those that can get in the way of successful cross-cultural interaction. Each value has a short description and its negative perception: how it can be negatively perceived by those who do not share the value.

Values Lenses are terrific tools for:

  • Dialogue and Team Building

    Team members' styles and preferences, strengths and weaknesses as a team, how to best share information and make decisions

  • Self-Reflection

    How my various cultural experiences have influenced who and how I am

  • Coaching, Learning and Planning

    How might your approach be perceived by those with whom you will work? How might you adapt it for effectiveness?

Purchase Values Lens Licenses

Values Lenses are included in a subscription to Cultural Detective Online.

Printable PDF Values Lenses should NOT be used independently of the Cultural Detective Method. We offer them here for those of you who license a full package and want to use multiple Lenses as a supplement, in conjunction with an incident or topic-specific package.

Each printable Values Lens is licensed for ten users at a one-time use price of US$49.95. Please note you will be downloading a PDF that you will print only for the number of users for whom you have purchased a license. For larger groups you may purchase multiple licenses.

For more complete values descriptions and an understanding of the Cultural Detective Method, please purchase a culture-specific package.

Please note that these Values Lenses are identical to those in the full package; what you are buying here is a license to use the magnifying lens graphic with up to ten people per license.

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