After selecting the items and the quantity of licenses you wish to purchase, you will be asked to agree to licensing terms prior to entering your contact and payment information. After your credit card is accepted you will be able receive the Cultural Detective files.

To open and view the files, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to download Reader if you do not have it installed or need to update it.

Packages for all of our nearly 70 culture-specific and topic-specific areas are available via our online store, and are delivered in digital rights management-protected PDF format to you via email.

Cultural Detective PDFs are sold as a license for use; you must purchase a license for each person who will be exposed to the materials. The minimum purchase requirement for full packages is five licenses. One set of five package licenses is US$125 ($25 per user). We offer quantity discounts; your price drops to $15 per user when purchasing six or more sets.

Each Cultural Detective Package includes three PDF files:

  1. A Series Guide, with complete instructions on how to facilitate a Cultural Detective learning event including definitions of culture, intercultural communication, and intercultural competence.
  2. The specific package’s Participant Materials, a portion of which you will print for your participants. These materials usually include an introduction to the culture or topic, a Values (or Challenges) Lens, explanations of the values or challenges and their possible negative perceptions, proverbs or sayings that illustrate the values, a minimum of five critical incidents, a list of best practices for bridging cultures, and a bibliography.
  3. The specific package’s Facilitator Manual, which includes a sample story to introduce the Cultural Detective Method, examples of the values (or challenges) and their negative perceptions in action, sample debriefs of the critical incidents, and a list of music that you might play during a learning event.


Value Lenses

The minimum purchase requirement for Values Lenses only (not full packages) is ten licenses for US$49.95. Values Lens purchases provide you the one-page magnifying glass graphic only, and there are no volume discounts. You may also purchase Lenses via our online store.