From an Asian perspective Singapore is perceived as western; from a western perspective Singapore is considered quite Asian! The mix of tradition and continuity with modernity and change, plus the "rojak salad" of Singaporean cultures—Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian, contribute to making Singapore an enigma to many and confusing to most. Cultural Detective Singapore helps you find the common core values, attitudes and behaviors of the multicultural Singaporeans. It allows you to recognize influences in action in business, communication and relationships.

Cultural Detective Singapore contains the following stories and critical incidents:

  • Seeking Information and Guarding It:

    Australians and Singaporeans on a regional management team disagree about how to collaborate.

  • What Does It Take to Convince Them?:

    A Hong Kong supplier attempts to build business with a Singaporean customer.

  • Where Are Those Ideas?:

    A US American expatriate engineering manager feels frustrated that his Singaporean colleagues don't contribute more actively.

  • Working on Saturdays:

    A Dutch expatriate product designer is concerned about deadlines.

  • Failed Courtship, A:

    An Indian executive initiates a new partnership with a Singaporean firm.

  • Offer of Help, An:

    A German engineer in Singapore recommends technical improvements.

  • Collaborating with a Singaporean Company:

    A Middle Eastern businessman pursues a manufacturing collaboration with a Singaporean industrial machinery company.

  • Colleague Gets Steamed Up, A:

    A US American salesperson wants to sit in on a colleague's presentation.

Extra! Cultural Detective Singapore includes materials on traditional and modern Singaporean communication styles and thought patterns.

Cultural Detective Singapore is authored by Kathleen A. Curran, Soo Kok Leng and Dianne Hofner Saphiere.