In the eyes of an outsider, the larger Nordic countries—Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland—seem almost identical. Mention this point to someone from these countries, and you will meet with strong disagreement. The Cultural Detective for the Nordic countries will help you see the similarities and the differences of the Nordic countries. Participants will gain insight into interactions with these cultures, whether an outsider or an insider.

Cultural Detective Sweden contains the following stories and critical incidents:

  • Measuring Performance:

    Lennart Danielsson, the Swedish vice president of a European toy manufacturer's Asian sales office, disagrees with his regional management team in Singapore with regard to reward and recognition.

  • Punch Cards or Individual Responsibility?:

    Lars Owe Dahlberg, managing director of a Swedish chemical multinational, disagrees with his French management team on the use of "punch cards" for reporting working hours.

  • Showing Empathy and Respect:

    A Costa Rican microbiologist is upset about apparent Swedish indifference to somebody in need at the company canteen.

  • What Is Fair?:

    A Canadian undergraduate guest student at Stockholm University is unhappy with the grading of term papers.

  • Rewarding Employees:

    The new Swedish management of an old Italian tie manufacturer changes the way holiday bonuses are distributed.

  • Contract Competition in Kiev:

    Igor Yaroshenko, the local agent of the Swedish team in Kiev, suggests ways for a Swedish team of architects to promote their project.

Cultural Detective Sweden is authored by Anders P. Hovemyr, Tuula Piispanen-Krabbe and Dianne Hofner Saphiere.