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The Netherlands

In order to make your business encounters with the Dutch successful right from the start, learn what to expect when you first meet. How do you approach the multilingual Dutch? Read about their direct communication style and how they make decisions. Become aware of how your own cultural values may differ from those of the Dutch. This training tool will help you, as well as your Dutch colleagues and customers, bridge differences and make cooperation productive and pleasant. Cultural Detective The Netherlands helps you create new business opportunities together.

Cultural Detective The Netherlands contains the following stories and critical incidents:

  • Not Quite Connecting:

    German and Dutch researchers work on an engineering problem in an auto parts manufacturing company.

  • Returning "Home":

    A Dutchman expatriates to his own country after twenty years abroad.

  • Time Difference of a Different Sort:

    A Brazilian bank supervisor works on a global salary scale system with a Dutch counterpart at corporate headquarters.

  • New Computer System, The:

    A US American consultant works with the Dutch IT department to set up a home office computer system.

  • Disagreement on Product Line:

    A French product manager supervises a Dutch sales manager in the bicycle industry.

  • Getting Agreement:

    A US American expatriate in The Hague experiences difficulty with decision making on a joint production line.

  • Let's Get on with the Work:

    A Dutch expatriate supervises Indonesian engineers on a water management project in Jakarta.

Cultural Detective The Netherlands wsa authored by Eleonore Breukel, George Simons and Dianne Hofner Saphiere.