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Those who know the geographical location of Bulgaria would say it is a land on the crossroad between Europe and Asia. Those who have experienced Bulgaria would say it is a land of crossing roads. Sometimes one might wonder which way to turn, which is the right way here. Bulgaria can be described by the word "contrasts"—small, but having a variety of landscapes—mountains, valleys, a sea, lakes, peaks. Old in history, art, culture, and crafts, being the earliest state in Europe, founded by Proto-Bulgarians and Slavic tribes in 681. As a former Communist block territory, Bulgaria has to gone through a vast shift in values to build from scratch its new traditions of a market economy. Bulgaria is a country where Christianity has played a crucial role throughout the ages in protecting the culture from Muslim influences. It's a nation that has never been deeply religious; a land where everyone is a political "expert," and most share their opinions in the cafe or at the pub; a business environment where lots of work can be done during leisure time, and where one can enjoy an office birthday drinking party for hours.

Cultural Detective Bulgaria will help you understand all those contrasts. It will show you the pulse of society the way it is here and now, and explore the wide range of behavioral nuances, beliefs, and values. It will facilitate your finding your own ways to live and work with Bulgarians.

Cultural Detective Bulgaria contains the following stories and critical incidents:

  • Never the Two Shall Meet:

    A German consultant and the Bulgarian head of a new Institute have different perceptions of the consultant role.

  • Women's Issues Club:

    Plans by a Women's Issues Club for a two-week camp in the mountains fail due to cultural inappropriateness.

  • Pleasant Trip to the Tax Office, A:

    A Canadian businesswoman living in Bulgaria is surprised at how quickly she is served at the tax office.

  • Staff Meeting, The:

    A story about a young US small business consultant working in a Bulgarian town.

  • Private Medical Center, The:

    Two business partners, a Bulgarian and a US-American, have problems with the state authorities and corruption.

  • Hierarchy, The:

    A Bulgarian internal Human Resources consultant is frustrated by the Greek management team's hierarchical approach to running the company.

  • Invitation from a Co-worker:

    A visiting professor from the UK is invited to dinner at a Bulgarian colleague's home.

Extra! Cultural Detective Bulgaria includes a list of Contemporary Bulgarian Sayings, Culturally Popular and Unique Words.

Cultural Detective Bulgaria was authored by Stanislava Zaprianova, Ellen Greenberg and Dianne Hofner Saphiere.