• A simple and powerful process
  • Experiential learning through critical incidents
  • Reliable, repeatable, and structured process
  • Quickly develop applicable skills


Cultural Detective Spain provides crucial information about Spanish values, attitudes and customs that will help you interact and understand your Spanish colleagues and friends, both at work and at home.

Cultural Detective Spain contains stories and critical incidents about the importance of networks, the need for feelings of security, the role of family, a polychronic approach to time, and other key Spanish values critical to communication.

Cultural Detective Spain contains the following stories and critical incidents:

  • New Therapist, The:

    A physiotherapist from Buenos Aires tries to be a contributing member of a newly formed team.

  • Coaching Workshop, The:

    Leif, a Swedish national, is frustrated with the early results of company-wide coaching-skills workshops.

  • Difficult Internship, A:

    A US graduate student on a one-year internship in Spain is confused about feedback on her classroom performance.

  • Expansion in Spain:

    A brilliant Belgian executive encounters differences in workplace styles.

  • Expatriate Life in Barcelona:

    A US American executive and his family struggle to adapt to life in Spain.

  • Improvements:

    Markus, a young German engineer, encounters resistance when he tries to implement changes to improve production in the company's Spanish factories.

  • Let's All Pull Our Weight:

    A British project manager and the Spanish team are surprised by each other's actions—or lack of action.

Extra! Cultural Detective Spain includes an extensive bibliography of fiction, poetry, drama, film, and television, and a guide to Spanish music by region.

Cultural Detective Spain was authored by Maria Assumpta Aneas, Werner Schubert and Dianne Hofner Saphiere.