Culture Detective Italy provides insights into the complexity of Italian culture. As the authors illustrate and explain the core values of Italians, important cultural differences distinguishing the South from the North of Italy are discussed. Cultural Detective Italy explores aspects of Italian business practices and social life that, although separate, should be interdependently analyzed. The practical applications and illustrations of Italian values are meant to give a better understanding of how cultural values and behaviors influence peoples' perceptions of Italians.

Cultural Detective Italy contains the following stories and critical incidents:

  • Email Business:

    Kai Nikulainen, a Finnish telecom manager, and Rodolfo Savvi, a business analyst in Bologna, experience a lack of progress and mutual understanding on a project.

  • Fashion Experts:

    Tomoko, a Japanese textile specialist working in Milano, feels stymied by her Italian colleagues.

  • Import and Export:

    Yanbin Jiang, a senior manager from Shanghai, is taken aback when the son of the owner of a long-time Italian partner company takes over.

  • Like a Chicken:

    Mike, a U.S. American, is sent to Bologna to implement a new manufacturing tracking system.

  • We All Want to Get Things Done:

    Carsten, a German project manager, is frustrated with productivity at a steel plant in southern Italy.

  • Engineers at Work:

    Two Russian engineers work with a southern Italian team to develop a machine prototype that uses alternative energy.

Cultural Detective Italy is authored by Antimo Cimino, Tanor de Romão Gomes and Dianne Hofner Saphiere.

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