South Africa

South Africa is known as "The Rainbow Nation." There are eleven official languages and a multi-coloured landscape of people. Cultural Detective South Africa will help you understand the complexities and paradoxes of life in South Africa. The country is both first world and third world. The values of the different groups are on both sides of most spectrums. The dynamics of life in South Africa encompass the transition processes from the apartheid era to an egalitarian society. Legal and social methodologies to ensure the swift redressing of imbalances have been established, with this, ambivalence regarding change is evident.

Cultural Detective South Africa contains the following stories and critical incidents:

  • AIDS Project:

    Erika de Klerk, an Afrikaaner woman, and Tebogo Thulare, a Northern Sotho, visit a rural community to assess the community’s needs.

  • New Operations Manager:

    Dr. Helmut Kraus from Germany interacts with his South African (Tsonga) floor manager.

  • Sharing Information:

    Amanda Williams asks one of her colleagues for help on a marketing project.

  • Building the Embassy:

    A Japanese team and a South African company have problems regarding a new embassy in Pretoria.

  • Family Responsibilities:

    Sipho Mahlangu, an Ndebele South African, asks for compassionate leave when his father dies.

  • Market Research in South Africa:

    Matthew Peters, a US American businessman, employs Moses Dlamini, a Zulu South African, to help him do market research in Africa.

Cultural Detective South Africa is authored by Kathi Lyn Tarantal, Denise Hill and Dianne Hofner Saphiere.