After God had created the world, there remained a handful of beautiful things in his hand that he threw on a small piece of land: a bit of the Alps, a small part of the Adriatic, a patch of the Panonean lowlands, some rivers, valleys and woods in between. He created Slovenia, now counting two million people; another two million is scattered around the world. Disagreeing about things is a national sport, but the Slovenians, independent since 1991, become united when they need to defend their position as a nation, as well as their cultural and historical heritage.

Cultural Detective Slovenia will give you insight into the behavioural patterns and mentality of the Slovenians, thus helping you to find useful contacts and favourable working conditions in a friendly atmosphere.

Cultural Detective Slovenia contains the following stories and critical incidents:

  • Visiting Serbian Delegation, The:

    The Serbs are disappointed by the unexpectedly lukewarm reception of their long-time Slovene partners.

  • Old and the Young, The:

    Is it right to dismiss an employee who lacks the proper qualifications?

  • Peasant and the Intellectual, The:

    A French writer and his farmer-landlord seem to have incompatible habits and ideas.

  • French Ways, The:

    The new French management introduces French methods to reluctant Slovene workers.

  • German Manager, The:

    A new expatriate in Slovenia is surprised by employee reactions to her presentation.

  • Getting Married in Slovenia:

    A Dutchman finds himself living with his wife-to-be in a multi-generational household.

  • Jenny and the Repairmen:

    An English teacher waits—and waits—for some repairmen.

Cultural Detective Slovenia is authored by Marjana Bidovec Finzgar and Dianne Hofner Saphiere.