• A simple and powerful process
  • Experiential learning through critical incidents
  • Reliable, repeatable, and structured process
  • Quickly develop applicable skills


During the last 2500 years, China has interacted with other civilizations of the world creating one of the most particular, well-defined and evolved cultural systems on the planet. Today, Chinese culture may appear quite homogenous on the surface; Cultural Detective China attempts to introduce the values and especially the rich "hidden" cultural, ethnic and social diversity that have shaped one of the oldest yet fastest changing communities on earth.

Cultural Detective China contains the following stories and critical incidents:

  • Procedures and Relationships:

    A Congolese graduate student works in a key Chinese university laboratory in Beijing.

  • Rural Health Training:

    A Peruvian Chinese engineer works on a rural health project in central China.

  • We'd Like to Do Business:

    Mexican businessmen plan a commercial tour of China.

  • Screening Prospective Employees:

    A Taiwanese manager looks to hire local Chinese staff.

  • Consulting Ethics:

    A US American freelance consultant in Shanghai finds himself in a tight spot between the client, a local contractor, and the overseas employer.

  • Correcting a Product Defect:

    A Kiwi commercialization manager working in a manufacturing plant in southern China encounters differences in customer service.

  • Hiring During Downsizing:

    A German manager with East German/Soviet upbringing restructures a subsidiary in eastern China.

Cultural Detective China was authored by Victor H. Garza, Wang Weiliang and Dianne Hofner Saphiere.