Slovakia is a small Central-European country with a very turbulent history. It has struggled throughout its history to preserve its national identity. Slovaks are also a peace-loving nation—the split from Communism in 1989, dubbed the "Velvet Revolution" because of the lack of bloodshed, is a testimony to this. Since Slovakia gained independence in 1993, major transformations of the social, political and economic environments have taken place. Slovakia has become a favourite destination for foreign investors, mainly due to a favourable tax policy, its highly educated and skilled workforce, and its recent rapid economic growth.

Cultural Detective Slovakia will help you to understand the Slovak culture, making your private and professional relationships with people from this beautiful country easier and more efficient.

Cultural Detective Slovakia contains the following stories and critical incidents:

  • Ph.D. Research:

    A Slovak Ph.D. student presents his research in the Netherlands.

  • Scientific Conference:

    A Slovak scientist participates in a conference in Japan.

  • Summer Academy:

    A Slovak organizer takes care of a Canadian participant.

  • Component Provider:

    A Slovak supplier faces a problem with a Korean firm.

  • Informal Communication:

    A US American manager works in the Slovak subsidiary.

  • Job Interview:

    A Slovak engineer applies for job in a German enterprise.

Cultural Detective Slovakia is authored by Andrea Semetkeova, Mária Tajtáková and Dianne Hofner Saphiere.