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The great obstacles of remoteness from the world's biggest economic centers and the isolation produced by its natural borders have stimulated this little South American country to open up to the world. Today Chile is one of the most globalized and competitive economies on the planet.

As a resolute inciter of free trade, Chile participates in more Free Trade Agreements than any other country—agreements that involve about 90% of the world's population! This has resulted in the fact that nowadays many foreigners come closer to Chile's borders to participate in its good business opportunities and also to enjoy the amazing landscapes and hospitality of its inhabitants.

Nonetheless, the Chilean culture is rather peculiar and distant from the Latin stereotype. Knowing its characteristics is essential for success. Cultural Detective Chile is a guide for people who want to know Chilean culture, the business practices and the atypical way its citizens communicate.

Cultural Detective Chile contains the following stories and critical incidents:

  • Sowing Seeds of Friendship:

    An agricultural entrepreneur from the USA tries to lease some Chilean land, but the sowing season is about to end.

  • Chemical Breakdown:

    A multicultural team of Germans, Poles, Colombians, and Chileans seeks to introduce a new chemical product in Latin America.

  • Homesickness:

    A US American human resources manager in Chile faces a complex recruiting process and some unfamiliar social realities.

  • Juicy Story, A:

    Chileans and Russians get together and then apart in the process of introducing new beverage powder mixes in St. Petersburg.

  • Latin Americans at a Crossroad:

    A Chilean engineer and his Brazilian counterpart have difficulties implementing the SAP system in a Rio bank.

  • Long Story of the Socks, The:

    A Chilean textile factory has problems getting what it wants from a Chinese textile manufacturer.

Cultural Detective Chile was authored by Felipe Bahamondez, Roxana Toro, John Zerio and Dianne Hofner Saphiere.