Often described as being between Boston and Berlin, Ireland is the last stop for Europeans heading west to the United States, and the first stop for Americans heading east to Europe and beyond. The Emerald Isle, as Ireland is affectionately known, is a small Island of just over five million people with a rich mix of religious, political, social and social traditions. This creative and innovative nation has a deep spiritual history that stretches back over thousands of years.

Cultural Detective Ireland is designed to help anyone understand their Irish friends and colleagues and what makes them tick. On the one hand the Irish can appear straightforward and easy to deal with; on another level they can appear complex and confusing. Cultural Detective Ireland will help you explore that spectrum of differences in your Irish colleagues, and help you identify the most effective strategies to build lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

Cultural Detective Ireland contains the following stories and critical incidents:

  • Third Time Lucky:

    Kit Walsh, a newly arrived US American businessman to Ireland, sets out to leave his mark and finds that his style may be a challenge.

  • Slow Boat to China:

    Grainne O Reilly, an Irish production specialist, transitions to a new role for her company in China, and finds that things don’t happen as quickly as she anticipated.

  • Bernard In Dublin:

    Dr. Bernard Mann, a senior German manager, is appointed to coordinate his company’s merger with a recently acquired Irish-based firm of consultants.

  • When East Meets West:

    An Irish company’s project coordinator, Gary Buckley, reacts immediately to solve a problem and is confused when his Japanese partners are upset.

  • What’s the Problem?:

    Sarah and David McGrath, on a holiday visit to Munich, arrange to meet Sarah’s German colleague and his family for dinner.

  • European Union?:

    Frank Dunne, an Irish business consultant, is upset by his colleagues’ blunt reaction to his presentation at a conference.

  • French Connection, The:

    Marie Lebreque, a French manager in Ireland, is delighted with her initial progress but soon gets challenged.

Cultural Detective Ireland is authored by David Walsh, Thomas Zitzelsberger and Dianne Hofner Saphiere.

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