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Rarely have countries been as fantasized about as Morocco. While Westerners tend to associate it with their fantasy of the Orient (Arabian nights, feasts in lavish settings, deserts…), or a tourist paradise (sunny beaches with palm trees, comfortable and affordable resorts…), Moroccans call their country El Maghreb meaning “the West” or “the Sunset” in Arabic. Indeed, Morocco is the most westerly of all Arabic countries. It is also a country close to Europe in many ways: through geography, history, recent economic developments, and an active diaspora of 3.5 million Moroccans residing abroad, mostly in Western European countries.

So be cautious even if you feel comfortable once in Morocco. Integrating and playing with many cultural influences, Moroccans make their own ways and keep surprising foreigners. Both open to the world and proudly cultivating their own identity, Moroccans often dazzle foreign visitors by their welcoming know-how and the richness of their culture. But relationships at work, in daily life, or over time frequently prove to be more challenging.

Cultural Detective: Morocco is designed to help you better understand Moroccan ways of seeing and doing things. Familiarizing yourselves with Moroccans today will allow you to function more smoothly in daily life and avoid mistakes and loss of potential in your professional life. It will considerably reinforce your capacity to cooperate successfully with Moroccans, and to appropriately engage in positive opportunities in this rapidly developing country.

Cultural Detective Morocco contains the following stories and critical incidents:

  • Misplaced Initiative:

    Karim, a Moroccan engineer who just started working in a Canadian computer company, alienates his boss by demonstrating his skills in an unorthodox manner.

  • Please, No Problem!:

    Saburo and Akiro, two Japanese employees sent by their firm to Morocco, find it difficult to integrate last-minute problems raised by their Moroccan clients, Imane and Abdelkrim.

  • Re-negotiation, The:

    Jérôme, a French salesman in the telecom sector, finds his Moroccan client Hassan’s manner of negotiating very stressful.

  • Tenants, The:

    Bernd and Anja, German expatriates, rent a beautiful villa in Rabat, but have trouble getting their Moroccan landlord to fix things as they expect.

  • No Choice:

    A French/Moroccan couple, Emma and Najib, is seriously challenged by the family obligations of the Moroccan husband.

  • Difficult Training, A:

    A US American computer trainer, while striving to be professional, ends up sounding rude to his Moroccan clients.

Cultural Detective Morocco was authored by Catherine Roignan, Youssef Zahid and Dianne Hofner Saphiere.