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Donna M. Stringer PhD, is a social psychologist with specialized training in administration and cross-cultural communication, and over 40 years’ experience as a manager in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. She is founder and president emerita, Executive Diversity Services, a diversity and inclusion consulting firm in Seattle, Washington. Donna now applies her experience to developing and implementing solutions that help organizations fully value and benefit from the diversity of both their employees and clients. Her diverse clients including United Airlines and Alaska Airlines, Wake Forest University, Evergreen School District, United States Gypsum, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, PepsiCo, and two major foundations.

Donna has published articles and books in the areas of diversity training, cross cultural communication, gender differences, values, cultural competency, and organizational development. In 2012, she was one of 15 people to receive a “Legacy Award” from the International Society of Diversity & Inclusion Professionals in acknowledgement of her critical contributions to the field of diversity and inclusion.

Donna resides in Seattle with her partner of 32 years and continues her work as an intercultural consultant and a faculty member for the Intercultural Communication Institute. She enjoys reading, quilting, spending time with her four sons, six grandchildren, and three great grandchildren. She is addicted to travel, which she does as often as possible.

Co-author of Cultural Detective Women and Men

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