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Owner and Principal at IAIA - Intercultural Advantage

Anat Kedem, M.A.

An expert Cross-Cultural Consultant, Professional Coach, Provocateur of Possibilities Gestalt Coach, Qualified Mediator and skilled Trainer with extensive experience in providing organizations, teams and individuals with the essential insights and practical tools necessary to cultivate and sustain authentic cross-cultural intelligence and competence.

Anat has designed and led countless projects on Virtual Team Formation & Management; Diversity & Inclusion; Relocation and M&A Integration. Dealing with a wide array of international clientele, Anat has worked with a geographically dispersed workforce and coached management teams from diverse global organizations - startups and Fortune 500 Companies alike – in sectors ranging from financial services and hi-tech to governmental & educational institutions, pharmaceuticals & medical devices, manufacturing and NGOs.

Anat was born and raised in Israel, lived in South Africa, lately in the United States for an extended period and now in back Israel. Her personal experience of Israel from both an insider’s and outsider’s view shaped her purpose. She has made it her life mission to promote inclusiveness and build bridges between the cultural groups that make up the Israeli mosaic; being different together.

Responding to her clients’ challenges and building on her experience she has become an expert on explaining the Israeli Mindset and how to be effective when engaging with Israelis. Her insight and professional knowledge ensure that they take with them a deep cross-cultural understanding – skills which have taken her to numerous companies all over the world.

Co-author of Cultural Detective Israel