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Cultural Detective is a respected, proven process for increasing productivity and strengthening relationships across cultures. In use since 1989 on a proprietary basis, and available to the public since 2004, one leading multinational company credits Cultural Detective for a 30% increase in customer satisfaction. This highly effective toolset is now available to you, your team, organization, students, or clients—anytime, anywhere—via an affordable online subscription.

A subscription to Cultural Detective Online explores the concepts of “culture” and “values” and how they impact communication in everyday life. It provides access to dozens of culture-specific Values Lenses and topic-specific Challenges Lenses, hundreds of real-world cross-cultural incidents, and an easy-to-use process for improving the ability to collaborate successfully across cultures, both on individual and organizational levels.

Cultural Detective Online is useful in a broad range of contexts including global business negotiations and multicultural team effectiveness, international assignments and study abroad, and for successfully communicating within our families, communities, and faith traditions. Customers tell us they use Cultural Detective in a variety of ways, including to:

  • Expand globally and get a high return by successfully building relationships with clients from all over the world.
  • Learn how to successfully lead, motivate or be part of a multicultural, globally dispersed team.
  • Alleviate the typical “low” that many expats experience while adjusting to a new culture and keep their high-potential employees performing at their best on international trips and long-term assignments.
  • Enable students to reap the most benefit from their study abroad program, before and during their time abroad.
  • Decrease negative stereotyping and judgments across locations and job functions and enhance desire and success at cross-functional collaboration.
  • Improve decision making by learning to more effectively weigh and make meaning from information.



Cultural Detective, to our knowledge, remains the only tool proven via the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) to increase intercultural competence with regular use. The product line has exceeded our expectations, with a terrific team and an incredible community of clients. Thank you all very much! However, as of December 31, 2021, our principals will be retiring from this venture to dive into new endeavors.

You can now purchase a subscription to Cultural Detective Online for $39 USD for an individual user through the end of the year. The earlier you subscribe, the more time you have with Cultural Detective Online, which acts as a virtual coach, assisting you to develop the necessary skills to succeed in your global interactions. By subscribing to CD Online you will learn to:

  • Understand that “common sense” is cultural, so building our skills around cross-cultural communication is essential to developing productive working relationships.
  • Utilize the Cultural Detective Worksheet—a repeatable process for improving cross-cultural communication and transforming conflict into productivity.
  • Learn to observe and describe situations while avoiding becoming entrapped in culturally biased and counterproductive judgments.
  • Discover what values and beliefs are motivating your behavior and that of your colleagues.
  • Develop cultural “bridges” for improving the outcome of cross-cultural interaction, and for fully using the talents and contributions of colleagues.
  • Apply the Cultural Detective Worksheet and Method to your own real-world cross-cultural incidents, so that the organization becomes a learning organization focused on continuous improvement.
  • Better understand yourself as a unique product of multiple cultural influences, and, in turn, learn to see others both as unique individuals and as products of multiple cultural influences.
  • Build fluency with Values Lenses, so you can strengthen teamwork and collaboration, and adapt your own and organizational methods and programs for cross-cultural effectiveness.
  • Improve the ability to transform cross-cultural conflict and tension into productive and transformative outcomes for the organization and the people involved.


Who should subscribe?

  • Employees preparing for or in the midst of an international assignment
  • Anyone working with individuals from other cultures
  • Study abroad students
  • Anyone curious about the multicultural world in which we live in
  • Organizations involved with international mergers and acquisitions
  • Trainers and coaches
  • Religious leaders
  • Public sector leaders
  • Educational institution administrators
  • Sales teams
  • Marketing teams


Who can subscribe?

Cultural Detective Online is available for individual users as well as groups from 2 to 10,000, with subscription periods of 1 month or 6 months. In just a few quick minutes you can have yourself, your team, or class set up to begin building core intercultural competencies and achieve your top objectives!

Group Subscriptions

A group subscription provides many features that can be very helpful to a team, a class, or similar group of people. With the group option, two or more users are able to:

  • Share their uploaded Critical Incidents with the group (or keep their incidents private)
  • Collaborate with other users on Critical Incidents and debriefs


Each group has a Group Administrator. This can be a Team Lead, Professor, or HR Professional. The Group Administrator:

  • Invites users to join the group
  • Uploads numerous group members with an Excel spreadsheet
  • Removes group members and integrates replacement members
  • Controls whether or not group  users have access to author ideas  in Critical Incidents
  • Approves, rejects, or requests edits to shared uploaded Critical Incidents

While there is no technical limit to group size, we recommend a maximum of 50 users, to keep the Group Administrator’s duties manageable.

If you would like a group subscription, you may choose this option after clicking “Subscribe" below.


Subscription Pricing

Prices below are per user in US$. A subscription includes access to all packages offered by Cultural Detective through December 31, 2021 with the exception of CD Oceania and CD Bridging. 


Through Dec. 31, 2021



10 Users

$39/per user 

50 Users

$39/per user

100 Users

$39/per user 




 $39/per user