What is Cultural Detective Online, and What Can It Do For Me?

Cultural Detective® is a dynamic series of developmental intercultural effectiveness tools that help build cross-cultural competence in individuals and organizations. The series results from collaboration among more than 130 intercultural experts from over 35 countries. Cultural Detective is a unique intercultural competence tool because it is process-based, which allows for ongoing use and continuous improvement. The Cultural Detective Method helps prevent stereotyping and encourages meaningful dialogue.

Cultural Detective is anchored in three fundamental capacities: 

  1. Know yourself as an individual and as a complex blend of the influences of multiple cultures (Subjective Culture).
  2. Get to know others as individuals and as complex blends of the influences of multiple cultures (Cultural Literacy).
  3. Fully include, utilize, and appreciate everyone involved, leveraging their similarities and differences as assets, and establishing organizational systems and structures to support that ability (Cultural Bridge).
These capacities are developed by learning the Cultural Detective Method and using it to analyze critical incidents through the use of the Cultural Detective® Worksheet. Cultural Detective Online includes over 400 critical incidents involving people from 90 cultures and spanning multiple industries and professional functions. The CD Worksheet can also be used for real-time conflict resolution and teambuilding, and in a journal approach to make sense of one’s own life experiences. In addition, CD’s Values Lenses highlight core values of each culture, and provide clues to a deeper, richer understanding. Please note that NOT ALL incidents, Lenses and packages in the Cultural Detective series are part of CD Online. Currently, Cultural Detective Bridging Cultures and Cultural Detective Oceania are only availalbe in PDF format.

Some of our clients use CD Online to help:

  • Complete global projects on time and under budget
  • Determine how to best enter and succeed in targeted international markets
  • Know how to deliver superior client service globally
  • Get the most from international assignees by equipping them with the skills necessary to excel in any culture
  • Successfully navigate mergers and acquisitions
  • Manage diversity in the workplace
  • Prepare exchange students for the challenges of study abroad, and teach them methods to adapt to a different culture and gain the most from their experience
  • Learn how to build trust in global relationships
  • Develop highly productive global teams
  • Personal development and enrichment


We wish you success in all of your cross-cultural endeavors through use of the CD Online!