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Born in Brazil to Italian and Spanish parents, Tanor has lived and traveled extensively in Italy, England and the United States of America. He is the founder of Multicultural Communication Consulting Ltda, a Brazil-based intercultural business consulting and training organization, where he aids a variety of corporations in meeting the challenges of doing business internationally.

Tanor graduated in civil engineering in 1982, working on construction projects for many years. After graduation he began working in the area of human resources administration. This career change added to his international experience, changing his focus toward intercultural relations. He has been active in this field since 1992. Tanor currently supports multinational corporations in planning mergers and acquisitions in Brazil. He is also responsible for training programs in cultural awareness, pre-departure, in-country orientation, reentry, and multicultural team building for inbound and outbound international transfers. He is currently conducting research on the regional cultural differences in Brazil and the affect on today's business.

Co-author of Cultural Detective Brazil and Cultural Detective Italy

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