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Charlotta Öberg is a cross-cultural training consultant based in Sydney, Australia and Stockholm, Sweden. She specialises in building competencies to manage domestic and international cultural diversity effectively. To date, she has a decade of experience training people who work across cultures, from expatriates to public servants to refugees.

Originally from Sweden, Charlotta has lived and worked in ten countries on three continents over the past decade, including Malaysia, the UK and the USA. She holds a Masters Degree in Sociology with a focus on intercultural communication from the University of Uppsala, Sweden and University of Colorado at Boulder, USA.

Charlotta's professional background is in the Public Sector and IT Sales management. Previously, she was an ethnic diversity specialist to the Swedish local government, where she won two EU projects to further cultural competencies and integration. Prior to that, she ran a cross-cultural firm in London and worked for the largest intercultural training companies in Europe.

Charlotta currently works as a freelance facilitator for global intercultural training firms and local diversity companies, as well as running her own training programs. She focuses on building thriving multicultural communities in Australia.

Co-author of Cultural Detective Global Teamwork

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