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“Dee” has been a management development consultant and educator since 1981. Currently, she is the human resource management and teamworking module tutor for the University of Warwick international certificate programme in engineering business management, as well as the tutor for graduate level change management. She delivers courses for senior executives from Hong Kong, the People's Republic of China, Malaysia, and South Africa. Dee is a regular contributor to the university's engineering graduate course in the areas of multicultural team management and project organization in international business. She also consults independently with global companies with a particular interest in developing multicultural project team competence.

Born in the Philippine capital city of Manila, Dee grew up in a multicultural environment on the southern island of Mindanao. After obtaining her B.A. in psychology from Ateneo University in Manila, Dee moved to Tokyo for studies focusing on Japanese value systems as they relate to indigenous forms of psychotherapy. She returned to the Philippines and embarked on a varied career, first as a university lecturer, psychometrician, and counsellor, and subsequently as a consultant innovating programmes to develop organizational effectiveness and enhance managerial competence within and across cultural boundaries. Taking a break from consulting, Dee lived in Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Sweden, Germany, and Portugal while managing economic research projects. Dee lives in the United Kingdom with her English husband.

Co-author of Cultural Detective The Philippines

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