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December 2005 Clues to Intercultural Effectiveness
Tips, Techniques and Resources

Maps are common and potentially transformational tools for any Cultural Detective. We have put together a jam-packed issue full of activities, ideas and resources on maps and intercultural learning as our gift to you. Thank you for helping us enhance intercultural collaboration!

Best wishes,

Dianne Hofner Saphiere and The Cultural Detective Team

Using Maps to Teach Intercultural Competence
Scott Sawyer   Instructions for Activities View of New York

Just as most of us are born ego- and ethno-centric, the maps we use have historically placed "us" at the center of the world. We see ourselves amidst well-defined space that is "near and dear" to us, with things in the distance gradually getting foggier and less distinct.

The importance of ethnorelativism is only one of the important Cultural Detective concepts that maps can help us to experience. This article presents several intercultural competencies that can be taught using maps, and links to instructions for map activities.

A "World Map Detective" Quiz
  Test Your Abilities Hobo Dyer Map

You loved our "Chocolate Detective" quiz. Many of you obtained "Master Detective" status, and some of you recognized a need to exercise your chocolate muscles!

Now take a quiz of world maps, designed to educate and entertain. Go ahead, take the challenge!

Training with Map Power
George Simons   Fuller Projection Map

Learn more about some of the maps in our quiz, and how you might you use them in your programs. Click below to read the article.

Please join us in congratulating Cultural Detective double author Dr. George Simons, who was recently recognized by SIETAR Europa with a Lifetime Achievement Award!

Map Resources/Bibliography
Free Offer for All Cultural Detectives

Where do you get these great maps? And where can you learn more about how to use them? Click below for a list of resources—maps, books, and videos.

ODT is offering all Cultural Detectives three very terrific postcards free-of-charge: the Population Map, an Africa-centered Peters map, and a Mecca-centered Azimuthal projection.

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