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Deal with Issues of Postcolonialism

CD West Africa cover

Be sure to check out Cultural Detective West Africa, our new release that includes facilitator and participant materials on postcolonialism and slavery.

Colonialism and slavery created realities that affect power dynamics and attitudes in our organizations and communities to this day. Do they exert a negative toll on your organization and people? Would you like some strategies to transform these potentially negative forces into tools for dialogue and organizational transformation?

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Bulgaria, Oceania,
Spain and Switzerland

CD Bulgaria cover

The Cultural Detective Series now includes thirty ready-to-go packages to enhance cross-cultural productivity and relationships.

It can be difficult to find resources on working with Bulgarians or Pacific Islanders, which makes Cultural Detective Bulgaria and Oceania valuable and timely tools.

We have also added Spain and Switzerland to our repertoire. The latter includes information on working with Swiss from each of the country's linguistic regions.

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