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August 2007 Clues to Intercultural Effectiveness
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"Awesome!" "Eye opening!" "Allows discovery!"
"Enables us to increase productivity and understanding in our organization."
"Helps me improve the intercultural effectiveness of the leaders I coach."
"Great for helping people to open up, because they don't feel threatened."
"An effective tool for bridge building, enabling true collaboration."

The two-day Cultural Detective Facilitator Certification weaves together intercultural theory with practical application, enabling you to use the method and materials in a myriad of ways, flexibly, to suit your purposes.

Now, you can receive one graduate-level academic credit for becoming certified. Remaining courses this year are filling quickly, so please sign up to secure your seat.
Portland, Oregon, USA
Kansas City, USA (in conjunction with the Sietar conference)
Lausanne, Switzerland

8 Steps to Generational Harmony in the Workplace
Gretchen Neels   Neels and Company Logo

For the first time in history, four generations are working together, side by side, in corporate America. The challenge for most businesses in the 21st century is how to get these four distinct groups of people to work together with some semblance of harmony.

We are answering your requests with the forthcoming package, Cultural Detective: Generational Harmony, authored by Gretchen Neels.

To tide you over until the package debuts, Gretchen has put together eight steps you can take to improve intergenerational harmony in your workplace.

Ethics in the Global Workplace
Monica Francois Marcel and Randy Steighorst   Language and Culture Logo

How do we conduct good business worldwide? Surveys of Global Compliance and Ethics Officers reveal that the biggest challenge they face in implementing and ensuring quality in their programs is navigating the range of cultural norms in which their employees operate -- the relativism of the values represented by their global workforce. Ethical business dilemmas are found in "gray areas" where what is ethical is open to different interpretations by reasonable and well-meaning employees.

There are two common approaches to such global business dilemmas: Ethical Relativism (my ethics are as good as yours, therefore nothing is right or wrong) and Ethical Imperialism (corporate ethics are now your ethics--we impose home office culture worldwide), but neither really works, and both have strengths and limitations.

Cultural Detective: Global Business Ethics is a new construct that seeks to build on the strengths of the above two approaches, by providing a third way that is rooted in leveraging the perspectives or "lenses" of both the global business entity and the local culture involved to determine a better solution to an ethical dilemma.

Look for this exciting new package in the coming months! You can also hear Monica, one of the authors, speak live and in person on the topic of "Best Practices & Benchmarking for Global Ethics and Compliance Programs: Survey highlights and case study," at the Ethics and Compliance Officers Association meeting September 28th in Los Angeles.

Special Offers for You

A very talented colleague, Kevin Eikenberry, has authored a powerful and motivational new book on leadership, and he is using a creative method of promoting it that could be very worthwhile for you.

If you buy the book, you will be given access to over 70 different leadership, learning and development tools worth thousands of dollars, including a personal-use copy of a Cultural Detective incident on global teamwork.

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