September 2012
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Seeing the World Through a Very Different Lens

Why Do Kids Study Abroad?


There are many reasons young adults go to a different country to study, a place where they may not know the culture, traditions or language.

Kris Bibler is the Director of Business Development for the Cultural Detective series, and responsible for building and managing large client relationships. In this article she explains her point of view regarding why students study abroad. Why do they want the adventure, the feeling of being out there, and an experience such as culture shock? 

She also presents two case studies, one from CIEE and another from AFS International, about how to enhance study abroad effectiveness and help students develop intercultural competence.


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Very exciting news!!

You already know Cultural Detective as a respected, proven process for increasing productivity and strengthening relationships across cultures. 


Cultural Detective Online acts as a virtual coach, assisting you to develop the necessary skills to succeed in your global interactions. The online tool includes over 300 critical incidents involving people from 90 cultures and spanning multiple industries and professional functions. The interactive Cultural Detective Worksheet can be used to practice the skills necessary for real-time conflict resolution and teambuilding, and in an action learning approach to make sense of one's own life experiences. In addition, Cultural Detective Online provides you with over 50 culture-specific Values Lenses, providing clues to a deeper, richer understanding.


View videos regarding the use of Cultural Detective Online for Study Abroad, Virtual Teams, and Expatriation and Business Travelers.


Or, find out how you can win a free subscription to CD Online for you or your team! 

The Way We Look at Each Other





The way we look, the clothes we wear to work everyday, or even just the color of our eyes or hair: these things don't necessarily define who we are or where we come from. Nor do they necessarily indicate our religion or beliefs.


Phuong-Mai Nguyen explains to us her experience of this uncomfortable reality, in which people stereotype based on appearances. Been in a similar situation? 



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Work with Cultural Detective at These Conferences



Please Join Us at SUSA and ILA!


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Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research, USA

Minneapolis, MN USA

Thursday, October 18, 3:15-4:30

"Developing Intercultural Competence in a Virtual World"


International Leadership Association Conference
Denver, CO USA
Friday October 26, 1:30-2:30

"A Leadership Development Process for Leveraging Cultural Differences as Creative Assets"  

Dianne Hofner Saphiere and Thorunn Bjarnadottir presenting


International Leadership Association Conference
Denver, CO USA
Friday October 26, 3:15-4:45  

"Fast and Deep: Developing Intercultural Global Leadership Competence"

Dianne Hofner Saphiere and Barbara F. Schaetti presenting



Changing Mainstream US Culture



Latino Growth in USA Signals Need for Change


The Latino influence in the USA has gotten to the point that Latinos now recognize themselves as an integral part of modern US culture and the economy.


Andrés Tapia authored an insightful article for Diversity Executive about the huge influences of Latino culture, referencing Cultural Detective Latino/Hispanic.


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Final Two Certification Opportunities This Year!




October 11-14 at the beautiful Cannes Mandelieu Holiday Village in Côte d'Azur, Mandelieu, France, George Simons will conduct a Cultural Detective Facilitator Certification course. Download or view detailed information, or download registration and payment details


October 20-22, immediately after the SIETAR USA Congress in Minneapolis, MN USA, Tatyana Fertelmeyster will also facilitate a Cultural Detective Facilitator Certification. It will be the last one scheduled through the spring. Learn more or register.


Note that the Cultural Detective method and materials are usable under license; certification is not required. However, even 30 year+ experienced intercultural facilitators rave about what they learn in these workshops. We trust you'll join us!


Book Review: Intercultural Communication





This book provides fresh voice and much-needed current perspective on intercultural communication competence. From Sorrells' debunking of racial color blindness (p. 62), to the commodification of culture (p. 190), to her closing call for global citizenship (p. 227), her keen intellect and passionate commitment to social justice is evident and unwavering throughout.


The author has challenged herself to address each topic, even the most familiar, through four lenses:

  • in what ways is the topic complex and contradictory,
  • how does the topic appear from micro, mess and macro views,
  • what are the local and global connections, and
  • how do the complexities and contradictions play out in our world today, particularly in terms of equity and justice?

Sorrells is an excellent teacher, providing rich yet succinct examples - unraveling the various interwoven threads of her stories to enable the reader to more clearly see each thread - while keeping the overall tapestry in mind. 



And Your Language... Endangered?




The history of humanity is contained in the cultures, traditions and languages of the world. Yet we are forgetting those languages wich our ancesters used to communicate.



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