• Personal success strategies for cross-cultural effectiveness.
  • Last-minute executive briefing for expatriate heading to the Arab Gulf.
  • Facilitator certification workshop in Paris.
  • Maps as learning tools to see the world in new ways, including an online detective map quiz and maps of international migration, opportunities for women, health, trade, the environment.
  • "Clash of Civilizations" video from avaaz.

  • Improve multicultural team productivity by creating and sharing Personal Values Lenses.
  • Work more effectively with South Africans and across genders.
  • Improve your ability to facilitate intercultural and global management effectiveness by attending facilitator certification workshops in Australia.
  • Discover whether Deaf culture is universal.
  • Review 5000 years of world religion in a 90 second video.
  • Free offer: get a copy of the book, Men and Women: Partners at Work.

  • Learn fundamental theories of intercultural communication and global effectiveness, and receive graduate-level academic credit, with Cultural Detective facilitator certification workshops.
  • Pursue eight steps to generational harmony in the workplace.
  • Calling all ethics and compliance officers – how are those ethics and values statements interpreted across cultures, and how can we ensure they are acted out consistently and appropriately?

Upcoming Webinars

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