Cultural Detective France provides a succinct approach to the core values that make French people tick. It outlines what to expect from a French colleagues in a business environment. Illustrated by a few dialogues among French and other nationalities, this interactive training tool will enlighten the newcomer to French culture, or, for those more experienced, it will give a thorough understanding about ideas formed about the French.

Cultural Detective France contains the following stories and critical incidents:

  • Behind the Veil:

    North African Muslim schoolgirles are told not to wear their veils to school in France.

  • On Strike:

    A Swedish furniture manufacturer purchases French textiles.

  • Qualifications:

    A long-time French expatriate helps a French electronics manufacturer to hire a Plant Manager to open a maquiladora facility on the Mexico-US border.

  • Sushi, Anyone?:

    A Japanese sushi chain aims to open a Paris location.

  • Synergy through Acquisition?:

    A California software development firm acquires a French company.

  • Whose Forest?:

    A French company exports timber from Cameroon.

  • Bon appétit!:

    An encounter with James, a US American dining in Paris, leaves a bad taste in the waiter’s mouth.

  • Bossnapped!:

    Clive Turner, an Englishman, and his French counterpart meet with unexpected resistance when announcing layoffs.

Cultural Detective France is authored by Ruth Mastron, Natalie Lutz and Dianne Hofner Saphiere.

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