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  • Experiential learning through critical incidents
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Covering nearly half of the South American continent, Brazil has a tremendous ethnic diversity. Some mistakenly assume it is the same as other Latin American cultures. Brazil was colonized by Portugal and not Spain, and historically has had little integration with its neighbors. Despite the friendliness and informality, you will only interact with Brazilians successfully if you understand some fundamental aspects of their culture. Cultural Detective Brazil provides experts' insightful information to help you feel at home with the Brazilian values and behavior patterns.

Cultural Detective Brazil contains the following stories and critical incidents:

  • I Disagree!:

    Franz Schubert, a German engineer working for a multinational manufacturing organization, is frustrated by his Brazilian partners' reaction to his disagreement with their ideas.

  • Whose Fault?:

    A Japanese engineering team involved in a partnership with a Brazilian high technology company encounters difficulties meeting a timeline for prototype development.

  • Project Management:

    Mathias Smit, a Dutch manager, doubts the competence of the Brazilian engineering team when project timelines are not met.

  • Transfer to São Paulo:

    Bob Sharp, of Toronto, Canada, tries to obtain compensation details before accepting a transfer to the São Paulo office of a large pharmaceutical corporation.

  • Friend's Promotion, A:

    Howard Thomas, from the United States, and Luis Armando, a Brazilian, both managers in the Brazilian branch of a large multinationall corporation, struggle with friendship and promotion.

  • Guru Speaks, A:

    Lorenz Borchert, a renowned Swiss financial consultant, is upset when people do not show up on time for his presentation to the managers and directors of a Brazilian bank.

  • Hiring Personnel:

    A Brazilian administrative director is uncomfortable with decisions made by the Chinese HR director of a new joint company.

Cultural Detective Brazil was authored by Tanor de Romão Gomes, Lucy Linhares, Kristine E. Menn and Dianne Hofner Saphiere.