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In this new century, Romania is a country of contrast: from the heights of the Carpathian mountains to the depths of the Black Sea, Romania is a land rich in natural resources seeking to address poverty. At the same time, Romania is quickly moving towards European integration, 15 years after the Ceausescu regime. To the casual observer, many historical and societal myths still abound: Was "Dracula" a real person? Does the Ceausescu "personality cult" play a role in contemporary society? Why is Romania a "breeding ground" for IT professionals, similar to India? Cultural Detective Romania will help you understand how Romania has been a region of European cultural diversity for centuries. It explores how Romanians, Hungarians, Germans and Roma, by developing a unique cultural history, use diversity as a culturally creative resource.

Cultural Detective Romania contains the following stories and critical incidents:

  • Are We Ever Going to Sign a Contract?:

    A Chinese and a Romanian try to agree on a real estate development project.

  • Most Important Thing of the Day?:

    Sjors, a Dutch consultant, speaks directly to his colleague, Andreea, a working mother of two.

  • MBO (Management by Objective) versus MBE (Management by Explosion):

    Patricia, a British manager in Romania, is impatient with decorating for Christmas.

  • Quality Control and Relationships—A Contradiction?:

    A German director delegates dealing with Romanian authorities regarding environmental issues.

  • Advertising Works:

    Sam, a US American advertising consultant gives a motivational speech and is surprised when he receives no participation from his Romanian audience.

  • Life Could Be Easier:

    Jean, a manager recently relocated from Belgium, is embarrassed when his Romanian secretary fails to closely monitor his bank account.

Cultural Detective Romania was authored by Rita BookerStefan Palarie and Dianne Hofner Saphiere.