Cultural Detective Turkey enables you to get an inside view of Turkish culture, a culture which usually surprises foreigners faced with the many sides of the Turkish character. Paradoxically, Turks embrace tradition and modernity, display open and closed attitudes, appear impetuous and unruly and yet driven by a deep set of values not apparent at first sight. The collection of critical incidents in this Cultural Detective will help you to see the core values of Turkish culture from a variety of perspectives, to enable you to better understand and communicate with your Turkish business partners and colleagues.

Cultural Detective Turkey contains the following stories and critical incidents:

  • Aren’t The Japanese Much Like Us?:

    A Turkish engineer finds unexpected challenges to settling into his new post in Japan.

  • Odd Attitude toward Work, An:

    The representative of a Turkish supplier encounters complications in closing an urgent sale with Russian buyers.

  • Travel Expenses:

    A Dutch engineering firm, willing to invest in Turkey, reacts to higher than expected catering and accommodation costs.

  • Owner's Son, The:

    A Turkish company owner’s son discovers that youth and outspokenness conflict with Korean sense of hierarchy and the need to save face in a critical negotiation.

  • Business Dinner, A:

    Will VIP treatment lead to a solid business proposition for a Swiss vendor visiting Istanbul?

  • How Are You Doing?:

    A Turkish visitor to a German firm finds the environment and discussion inhospitable.

  • Last-Minute Objections:

    A representative of a US export company is disappointed by Turkish negotiation behaviors.

Cultural Detective Turkey is authored by Perihan Ügeöz, George Simons and Dianne Hofner Saphiere.