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There are many misconceptions about Colombia. Some people think about movies they have seen and imagine Colombia as violent; others think of drugs. But the reality is different. The vast majority of the Colombian population are hard working, honest people.

Definitely, before doing business in Colombia you will benefit from learning a bit about its culture. For example, Colombia is incredibly diverse, with a variety of geographies and climactic zones, many indigenous tribes and languages/dialects. Colombians are proud of places like Bogotá, known as the Athens of South America; Cali, the capital of salsa music and dance; the touristic Cartagena de Indias; Medellïn, noted for its beautiful women; the fauna and flora of the Amazonia; and its wonderful Caribbean islands.

Cultural Detective Colombia will open your eyes to the core values of a people rich in passion, music and dance, and proud of their racial heritage, and enhance your ability to collaborate and partner with them.

Cultural Detective Colombia contains the following stories and critical incidents:

  • Opening a Franchise in Colombia:

    Steve Marshall, a successful sales manager in the USA, is surprised and frustrated as he tries to develop his business in Colombia.

  • Will This Joint Venture Work?:

    Amit Segal, an Israeli opening a subsidiary in Bogotá, shocks his staff with his informality.

  • Why Won’t They Return My Call?:

    Mr. Sewon, from South Korea, experiences cultural differences within Colombia when he tries to launch a new venture.

  • Where Did We Go Wrong?:

    A Chinese firm acquires a Colombian firm and doesn’t understand why there are difficulties with the Colombian employees.

  • Can We Establish This Alliance?:

    A lock company from the United States tries to form an alliance with a Colombian company.

  • Route of the Sun:

    A Colombian contractor and indigenous groups negotiate the route for a new highway.

  • If Somebody Gives You Papaya, Take The Papaya:

    Mr. Balder, a Norwegian opening a non-profit organization in Colombia, discovers differences in management style.

Cultural Detective Colombia was co-authored by Fernando Parrado and Dianne Hofner Saphiere with able advice from Ricardo Eastman de la Cuesta.