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Austria lies in the heart of Europe at the cross roads of both north-south and east-west trade routes and is known for its stunning natural landscape and beautiful cities. Despite being a small landlocked country with about 8.5 million inhabitants, Austrians represent a mingling of various ethnic groups and nationalities who either passed through or settled in the area beginning around 35.000 BC, creating a unique culture and a distinct mindset. Austria has established its position as cultural bridge between East and West in both European mindsets and worldviews, an emphasis that is reflected in the country's economic focus and outlook.

Cultural Detective Austria contains the following stories and critical incidents:

  • Working Lunch:

    A US American engineer working in Austria encounters differences in working styles and expectations when planning a new venture.

  • Small Talk or No Talk:

    An Indian woman new to life in Austria seems to offend those she is trying her best to charm.

  • Mountain of Trash:

    A Brazilian tourist and his South Korean wife take a hike in the mountains with an Austrian guide and are shocked by his behavior.

  • Hi, Niki!:

    A US American executive leads a mergers and acquisition process with an Austrian firm, with rather dire consequences.

  • Negative Side of Business, The:

    A Swiss manager in an automotive firm makes a business trip to Austria.

  • Friendly Audience, The:

    A German management trainer is invited to facilitate a series of workshops in Vienna.

  • Happy Birthday Hug:

    A young Mexican woman studying in Austria is confused when she attends an Austrian friend's birthday party. 

  • Hot Guys in the Agency:

    German and  Austrian colleagues working in Strasbourg encounter difficulties over a joke gone awry.

Cultural Detective Austria was authored by Elisabeth Weingraber-Pircher, Nayantara Ghosh and Dianne Hofner Saphiere.