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March 2008 Clues to Intercultural Effectiveness
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Response to recent Cultural Detective facilitator certification workshops in Paris, Sydney and Melbourne shows that attending one of these workshops enhances participants' understanding of intercultural theory and approaches; enables them to design more robust, interactive, and productive training by using Cultural Detective as the backbone of the design; and helps them connect with like-minded professionals and broaden their exposure to clients.

Log on now to register for an upcoming certification workshop and reap these benefits for your business. The remaining 2008 schedule includes:

  • Minneapolis, MN USA, 21-22 May
  • Auckland, NEW ZEALAND, 9-10 June
  • Houston, TX USA, 12-13 September

Securing Collaboration in International Projects
Dianne Hofner Saphiere   Combining Cultural Detective with Cultural Dimensions sample cultural dimensions

Users love that Cultural Detective provides a process-oriented approach to intercultural effectiveness that is practical, powerful, real, and theoretically sound. But, we all have our favorite tools, and for many, the various dimensions of culture provide a powerful introduction to the concept of cultural differences. Are there ways to combine the "best of both?"

This article provides an example of using both Cultural Detective and cultural dimensions, in tandem. In this case, the context is project management. It is adapted from an article originally published in, the ezine for project managers.

Click here to view a graphic "Overview of Key Cultural Differences" that illustrates some of the many differences that may make a difference on your international project. You are welcome to use this as long as you retain the copyright information and url.

Recent Series Releases
  Be Sure to Download Your Preview CD Jewish Culture cover

Cultural Detective Jewish Culture
is one of the first (if not only) tool of its kind to attempt to describe the Jewish identity, including both ethnic, cultural and religious Jews. The package includes a Lens, nine incidents, an extensive bibliography of world Jewish music, and a list of major holidays. CD Jewish Culture joins CD Islam as the second major religious tradition in our series.

On the topic of religious traditions, you may be interested to check out this tool from University of California Berkeley: "The Moral Compass." It addresses the question, "How do different religions view issues of sex and morality?"

Cultural Detective Poland
Poland has been always in the middle of developments on the European continent, with two strong neighbours, Germany and Russia. Since the fall of communism an enormous acceleration has taken place in Poland's social and economic life. As a result, Poland has joined the European Union and NATO. Recently there has been much Foreign Direct Investment , including the relocation of the service centers of numerous multinational companies. It's interesting to see how historical and social changes influence the values of the national cultural identity. CD Poland is an excellent source of information, invaluable for anyone dealing with the country of the European Bizon.

Six Billion Others
  Online Video as a Learning Tool 6billion others index photo

Do you believe in the power of stories? Of people? Of technology? Sustainable development? If you do, and you haven't yet seen these terrific videos by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and his crew, be sure to check them out.

They are wonderful learning, teaching and discussion tools. Culture is all about people in context. It is wonderful to see people combining our resources in powerful ways for mutual benefit.

Generational Harmony
  It is Possible Gretchen Neels video still

Author Gretchen Neels has put together a new video showcasing Cultural Detective: Generational Harmony.

Be sure to check out this terrific new entry to our series, and explore how overlaying the Lenses of national, gender, spiritual tradition, and generational cultures can transform your approach and build workplace productivity!

Why "U.S. Americans?"
  Cultural Detective Series Note Vicente Fox book cover

Many users have asked us why, in the Cultural Detective series, we use the term "U.S. Americans." "In the U.S., and throughout Europe and Asia, you're called 'Americans.' Why be so cumbersome about the terminology," they ask.

Last week a good friend of mine gave me the book, Revolution of Hope, by former Mexican President (and global nomad) Vicente Fox--a gift as we prepare to relocate to our new home, The United States of Mexico. I found an eloquent answer to this question on page xv of that book's introduction:

Remember, America is more than the name the United States gives to itself. It is a fact little known around the world, but it drives people in Latin America, Canada and the Caribbean quietly mad when people in the United States, Europe, or Asia refer to the United States as "America," thus claiming for U.S. citizens the sole title of "Americans." South of the Rio Grande, which we call the Río Bravo, we consider the entire hemisphere to be the Americas.

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