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April-May 2009 Clues to Intercultural Effectiveness
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An April 19, 2009 article in ScienceDaily describes the results of an international study suggesting that emotions play a key role in cross-cultural adaptability. The study was originally published in "Psychological Science," the journal of the Association for Psychological Science (APS).

Specifically, the article says that researchers believe positive emotions (Cultural Detective's "positive intent") "may send a signal that it's safe to broaden one's view of the world -- and to explore novel notions of one's self." The article goes on to say that researchers indicate that negative feelings may reinforce habitual patterns and a narrow world view.

We thought these findings particularly noteworthy in light of the outpouring of encouraging feedback we receive from end-users on the Cultural Detective Model. One corporate user recently wrote us:

"I was reading an interview with the Dalai Lama and based on what he says, it occurred to me that the Cultural Detective technique of seeing positive intent is similar to focusing on expansive emotions/state-of-being. Through that comes an experience of calmness and sense of inner strength. These positive emotions help not just the other but will immediately help one's own mental state. And through that solutions emerge."

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  New York City, May 8 & 9

Co-sponsored by SIETAR Metro NYC, this Cultural Detective facilitator certification will provide you the expertise you need to use this method to its fullest, in team building, executive coaching, or to incorporate into existing courseware in order to enhance intercultural managerial and organizational effectiveness.

This facilitator certification will be the last one to be held until the fall. SIETAR India is planning a post-Congress CD workshop in Pune on November 2 & 3, and another Cultural Detective Facilitator Certification is planned for San Diego, California on November 6 & 7.

Make the most of the time you have, while you have it. We look forward to seeing you in New York!

The Nano, Computer Makers, and Cultural Detective
  Innovative Business Processes Nano photo

Cultural Detective uses some of the world's most innovative production processes, designed to bring you "best of breed" quality in a customizable format and at an affordable price. This article draws some parallels between our collaborative project and Tata Motors, as well as the world's major computer makers.

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Cultural Detective has been busier than ever in this downturned economy, thanks to the need to do things better, faster and more cheaply. Our affordable solution has been helping organizations around the globe for five years now.

For those of you whose travel budgets have been slashed, we are now offering an affordable way for you to gain fluency with the Cultural Detective tools and method right from your desktop via the internet.

On Tuesday June 16 we will conduct a 90-minute highly interactive, engaging and educational webinar on how to use the core Cultural Detective Method, including the Model, incidents, and the Worksheet.

On Thursday June 18 we will conduct a second 90-minute webinar, this time focusing on using the Values Lenses to deepen understanding and strengthen collaboration. This webinar will also introduce the Self- Discovery package, a core component of the overall Cultural Detective.

Cost for either webinar is US$200. Price for both is US$350. Reserve your place today!

Chinese - German Images
  Yang Liu, graphic artist Linear/winding

Some of you have seen the book, Ost trifft West (Hermann Schmidt, Mainz) by the very talented artist, Yang Liu. Others may have seen her work on the internet, or live in an exhibition. If you have not seen it, you want to be sure to check it out.

The image at left is entitled "Opinion," with the blue illustrating German style, and the red representing Chinese style opinions.

Born in Beijing in 1976, Yang Liu moved to Germany when she was 13 years old. A graduate of the Berlin University of Art, Yang Liu's bicultural heritage informs these iconic images, which have been exhibited both in Germany and China.

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