November 2012
Clues to Intercultural Effectiveness
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Getting in Shape!

Want to Get Interculturally Fit ?


Got intercultural competence? 

Do you want to improve the success of your international negotiations? Mergers and acquisitions? Want to get more productivity and even joy out of your virtual teams and projects? How about jump starting the outcomes of study abroad and international education? 


Intercultural competence is not something you attend a workshop about and then check it off your list. Just as physical fitness requires ongoing activity, practice, commitment and discipline, so does the development of intercultural competence. You do not become physically fit by exercising and eating right one week out of 52. Nor do you become interculturally competent merely by having lived abroad or having earned road warrior status or flight rewards. Intercultural competence requires that we take the time and focused reflection to make meaning of our experience, to apply it, and then to keep refining and upgrading it...


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Virtual Coach in Your Back Pocket!




Cultural Detective is proud to announce the new product launch of Cultural Detective Online! This tool is like having a virtual coach in your back pocket, successfully guiding you through the all-too-common missteps of cross-cultural negotiations and communications.  


Huge thanks goes out to each of you who have worked with and incorporated the Cultural Detective Method into work with your clients or employee populations globally, as over the past eight years this tool has become a significant contribution to the intercultural field. Because of our clients and team, Cultural Detective has become globally recognized as one of the premier developmental tools of our time. This new product launch furthers our mission of encouraging communities globally to prosper through intercultural understanding and collaboration...


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Developing Your Skills for Global Competence



How can you quickly develop the skills necessary to lead your global team, manage your global project or prepare for expansion to emerging markets, without leaving your desk?


The Cultural Detective team presents a two-part series of Facilitated Online Learning Sessions that will provide you with the keys to a proven, industry-changing and industry-leading toolset for developing your individual and organizational global competence, and ultimately succeeding where "culture conflicts" would have caused failed ventures.

  • Learn how to build trust in your global relationships.
  • Develop highly productive global teams.
  • Complete projects on time and under budget.
  • Determine how to best enter and succeed in your targeted international markets.
  • Know how to deliver superior client service, globally.
  • Get the most from your international assignees by equipping them with the skills necessary to excel in any culture.

Sessions will be held Wednesday and Friday, February 27 and March 1, 2013! Click here for more information or to reserve your spot. Seats are limited.


Coming Soon: Training Tools Workshop, LGBT




Join us for an online workshop leveraging the unique LGBT training tools from industry experts Cultural Detective and KMA. The workshop will be led by LGBT subject matter expert, Rita Wuebbler


Key Takeaways:

  • Learn LGBT shared values and beliefs which motivate behavior and important co-culture distinctions
  • Develop a shared language and strategy for discussing differences in the workplace and promoting inclusion
  • Identify workplace practices to support LGBT colleagues
  • Experience a key process for effectively navigating cross cultural conflict with specific emphasis on LGBT culture
Thursday December 6, 2012
1600 - 1730h UTC/GMT * 10:00 am - 11:30 pm USA Central Time

A Little Bird Told Me...




Nothing reflects popular wisdom with as much precision as do proverbs and sayings. Proverbs are tools that we come by naturally and that we inherit through oral tradition. They are a reflection of ourselves and our often unconscious cultural patterns. They can also serve as a key step in our own path towards cultural intelligence.


Cultural intelligence is defined by Thomas & Inkson as the capability to deal effectively with people from different cultural backgrounds. It is a multifaceted competency consisting of cultural knowledge, the practice of mindfulness, and a repertoire of behavioral skills...

Towards Respect, Understanding & Collaboration




The story we published recently about cultural appropriation reminded me of one of my favorite incidents in our series. It resides in the  Cultural Detective Global Business Ethics package, and involves a corporate newsletter containing photos submitted by the office in India. One photo, taken at a temple, shows a swastika.


Outraged, an anonymous writer emails the newsletter editor to complain about a lack of cultural sensitivity and a lack of commitment to diversity and inclusion. The newsletter editor is crestfallen; the comment saps his energy. It is exactly his commitment to inclusion and diversity that has motivated him to include posts from offices worldwide! How much harder can he try? ...

Encouraging You and Your Team to Track Your Goals




You've already told us Cultural Detective is fabulous. That it's helped your team achieve its deliverables. That it's rocketed your performance to new levels. That's why we are very excited to be able to offer you the Cultural Detective product line as an integrated, online system rather than as stand-alone packages! And, better yet, it's designed as a personal coach, encouraging you and your team members to track your goals, summarize and apply your learning, and upload, debrief and share with a facilitator, team lead or each other your daily life experiences (and make accurate meaning from them).


We are excited to announce our official launch. Consider entering to win a free subscription for you or your team! Click here to view the launch videos on YouTube, with closed captioning for the hearing impaired.


Please feel free to share this video with others who might be seeking a virtual intercultural coach. Please let us know what you think! Thank you!

Don´t Drown: Making Sense of Info-Overload




Our world is swimming in information, so much so that we often drown in it and find it difficult to make sense of. That's why infographics play such a valuable role. Recently I've come across two different sets that I thought Cultural Detectives might be interested in seeing and using (or make your own for your own purposes).


Borrowing heavily from a concept by Danish designer Peter Orntoft, the  Millward Brown Agency designed the two infographics below that put data in context. Interesting, no? More memorable than otherwise? ...



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