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September 2008 Clues to Intercultural Effectiveness
Tips, Techniques and Resources
Hyundai-Kia and Intercultural Competency
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Hyunda-Kia Motor Corporation is committed to developing the intercultural competency of its worldwide staff. After conducting an extensive needs assessment, they embarked upon the first three phases of a long-term process to develop human and organizational capacity.

A custom curriculum grounded in the Cultural Detective method was piloted with European, Korean, and North American human resource managers, diversity directors, and line managers. After purchasing a site license and conducting a training of trainers, the curriculum will be rolled out this year in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Korea, Norway, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and the USA.

Facilitator Training in Houston and Granada
  True Impact on Performance logo Univ Houston Continuing Ed

Register now for our Houston certification workshop, as it's coming up on the 12-13 September.

The workshop in Granada, Spain on 21-22 October will include attendees from all over the world--business people, academics, NGOs. Attending the workshop provides an opportunity to support the SIETAR organization was well.

Participants tell us this workshop is one of the best professional development events they've attended, deepening their knowledge of the complexity of intercultural communication, and enhancing their versatility with techniques and approaches. The workshop receives superb reviews from both experienced interculturalists and those new to the field.

Participants can register to receive one graduate-level continuing education credit.

The Georgia Crisis and Polish Values
Pawel Walentynowicz   Why Wake the Sleeping Bear? CD Poland cover

In the face of the crisis in Georgia, Lech Kaczynski, president of Poland, was willing to risk waking the sleeping bear. Unlike most world leaders, he took a leadership stance, organizing a coalition of nations to stand behind Georgia and assure Georgian citizens that they would never walk alone.

The Cultural Detective Poland Values Lens provides excellent insight into his behavior in this situation.

ECOTONOS New Edition
  Carrying Case and 10% Discount Ecotonos 2008 cover

Intercultural Press has just republished the renowned teaming and collaboration simulation, Ecotonos, in a 15th anniversary fourth edition.

The new edition comes in a lightweight, hard plastic briefcase with handle; it's extremely easy to pack in your suitcase or carry to your training room.

All the good stuff you are used to is still included (culture name badges, 30 sets of rule cards, case studies, task instructions, process mapping), but the great news beyond its portability is that the facilitator guide now gives you instructions for conducting and debriefing this simulation in significantly less time! It also includes explanations of the theory underlying the simulation, and more examples of its uses worldwide in multiple contexts.

Intercultural Press has agreed to offer Cultural Detectives a 10% discount off this simulation for a limited time. Just mention code ECOREV80 when you order.

Strategic Partnerships and Reseller Distribution
Kris Bibler   Global Lead, Australian Inst of Export, Diversity Resources Global Lead logo

Over the course of the last year Cultural Detective has been actively seeking strategic partnerships and global resellers as additional distribution channels for the Series, which now includes 49 different packages. This strategy allows potential partner organizations that are focused on providing consulting, leadership and development training and a myriad of targeted client training solutions to benefit from the integration of the Cultural Detective Series into their global and cross-cultural client solutions, both building the Cultural Detective brand reach as well as the partner organization's ability to deliver high quality cross-cultural development training. Additionally, some organizations are looking for high quality global training and development tools which they can add to their repertoire for resale.

We have recently entered into partnerships with Global Lead Management Consulting, the Australian Institute of Export, and Diversity Resources. If your organization is interested in a partnership or a site license, please contact us.

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