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Customer Stories: Innovation Norway
Axel Blom 
Understanding Culture's Influence on Business Ethics
Cultural Detective is used by several national governments as well as international NGOs, multinational corporations, and educational institutions. Innovation Norway is the Norwegian Government's national and international trading organisation. Their mission is to give local ideas global opportunities, and they have offices in more than thirty countries worldwide.

As part of a corporate "InSpiration" Workshop for Region South and Southeast Asia, we were asked to provide an introduction to intercultural and business ethics competence. The client has local employees in the South and South East Asian (SSEA) region encompassing India, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand and Vietnam. Most of the country organisations are headed by Norwegian expatriates. Present at the workshop were also senior executives from corporate headquarters in Oslo. The challenge for the client is to adhere to the Code of Conduct and Ethics Guidelines and at the same time carry out business effectively throughout the region. In addition, participants should gain awareness of intercultural issues and pitfalls which can lead to misunderstandings affecting the client's business and their client expectations.

We used the Cultural Detective Global Business Ethics Lens, national Values Lenses from the SSEA region, and existing dilemma cases from the Cultural Detective series. We created an Innovation Norway organizational Values Lens and custom incidents using the Cultural Detective Model.

Click the link below to learn more about the Innovation Norway project design as well as business cases from other clients.
Upcoming Public CD Certifications

Pune, INDIA and San Diego, USA

The SIETAR Congress in Pune looks to be a fantastic event. Be sure to register now to get a huge package discount on registration for the Congress and the post-Congress Cultural Detective Facilitator Certification to be held 3-4 November. Improve your professional competence while supporting our field and our colleagues in India. Click here to learn more.

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Cultural Detective Global Teamwork!!!
Debut of Most-Requested Package
CD Global Teamwork cover
Five authors have teamed up to bring you this stellar package, centered around a Global Teamwork Challenges Lens, and demonstrating how those challenges play out with team members from twelve different cultures in various virtual scenarios.

If you've been looking to improve the productivity of your geographically dispersed teams, this indispensable package is for you!

The package contains several bonus worksheets, guides, and checklists.

Funk Music and Cultural Values?
Kevin Booker,
Rev. Boogaloo
I Can Dance Underwater and Not Get Wet
I've observed that most urban dwellers lack youthfulness and energy simply because they don't work out enough to the funk. Working out to the funk means physical movement expressed through multiple body rhythms, engaging in disciplined rehearsal of balance, strength, quickness, improvisation, circular movement and synchronization. When entrainment is achieved by diligent practice, funk becomes it's own reward.

As Robert Farris Thompson has explained, the word "funk" is of ki-congo origin and literally means "to work out to achieve one's aims." 

Thus understood, funk music culture is an excellent opportunity to understand a cultural value system in which highly trained cultural specialists leverage diverse ideas (obscure styles of music, varied costume designs, various eras in dance and movement, recombined stories and myths), distill patterns and compare archetypes while leveraging conceptual values (key signatures, tempos, mixtures of music theory and dynamic expression). In sum, to understand, appreciate and utilize funk music organizational principles, one must cultivate a high tolerance for ambiguity, the skill to use diverse concepts and exercise a life-long commitment to uncovering cultural complexity.

I am convinced that the people at Cultural Detective understand this.

Webinars Promote Intercultural Competence Worldwide
In a Cost-Effective and Powerful Manner
Cultural Detective has been busier than ever in this downturned economy, thanks to the need to do things better, faster and more cheaply. Our affordable, effective and flexible solution has been helping organizations around the globe for five years now.

Many budgets have been slashed as simultaneously organizations demand increasing productivity and efficiency. We are pleased to announce that we are now offering a powerful and affordable way for you to spread intercultural competence throughout your worldwide organization. Cultural Detective webinars are unlike any you have ever attended: highly interactive and engaging, extremely practical, and skills focused.

Here is what a recent sponsor, an organizational vice president, has to say:
"I remain extremely impressed with what your Cultural Detective team has been able to achieve with our staff, in a very short time, through these webinars. You adapted the material to our world, you actively engaged the participants from a wide assortment of our international locations, and helping us to learn a memorable and seemingly simple process that is incredibly deep and complex. These webinars were a major step forward in enabling us to achieve our objectives."
If you are looking for an affordable way to enable managers, executives and dispersed team members to resolve conflict, bridge differences, and collaborate more effectively across cultures, sponsor one of these webinars for your organization today.

Email or telephone us +1-913-764-2624 to learn more or to schedule a webinar or series for your organization.
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To Our Anniversary Edition of Ecotonos
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The fifteenth anniversary, special fourth edition of this classic multicultural teaming simulation quickly sold out and has been reprinted, thanks to your excitement and use. The game now comes in a lightweight, hard plastic briefcase with handle, for added portability.

All the good stuff you are used to is still
included (culture name badges, 30 sets of rule cards, case studies, task instructions, process mapping), but the great news is that the facilitator guide now gives you instructions for conducting and debriefing this simulation in significantly less time! It also includes explanations of the theory underlying  the simulation, more examples of its uses worldwide in multiple contexts, and detailed instructions on using the handouts to maximize learning.

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